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Friday, September 3, 2010

Recycled....inspiration colors for my living room?

The last few days...the weather has been really the 60's for daytime high temps...with rain and wind...they are the harbinger of early fall....they sent me off like a rocket! I stoked my wood cook stove to the hilt.... For the last two days, I have been cooking to stock my freezer...It started with a trip to the groceries in town where I spent a total of $160.00...I bought a ham, a turkey, beef and some other fixins'...I have since roasted the turkey for lunch meat and soup, it netted me 8 quarts of rich, thick turkey soup and lunch meat that I am betting will last the next 4 months...the ham was sliced into breakfast slabs, lunch meat and netted me 16 quart bags of ham cubes for soup and casseroles...the beef netted me 6 pounds of meat balls for subs, spaghetti and the like along with two meat loaves...and enough for four quarts of taco meat...I made 7 quarts of vegetable beef soup with the veggies from my garden! Today will net me 6 dozen biscuits and 4 loaves of home baked bread along with however many quarts of frozen squash and I thought I better post now! Well, yesterday, I had had enough...time for a break...
I went to down to St Vincent's thrift shop for my breather...the very place I got my platter for my bathroom inspiration....the very platter that dictated my Mamie Pink bathroom before I even knew it! and I found this...
I think it was the red dress that got me...or maybe the muted tones of the back ground...

but I thought she was beautiful for the grand price of $ is signed M. Dittel...the pictures don't even come close to showing how vivid she is! I thought she would be a great start for my English cottage living room? YES...all of you have inspired me to get back on the living room! I was at a loss for a while...that BLUE PAPER had just burned me out on this room...I instantly fell in love with her...and the fact that since I am painting all the rooms on this floor the same color for continuity, I could echo the red from my kitchen in the living room...and the frame is gorgeous, will have to do a little work as it is painted wood and is filthy...isn't it ironic that it is so bright in my living room I can't get a good picture of her because of the glare? LOL!


  1. What a great find!!

  2. I think the rich brown floors will look good with the color in the painting. Maybe some darker golds and rich reds as accents thrown around the room. Not too much because the room is so "20th century american cottage-y".

  3. You are so right on Donna! a little bit of red goes a long way! Do you know anything about glaze? I wonder if it would give my walls some depth?


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