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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring Fever...

Well...after going crazy over spring...having severe garden fever...I stomped into the office yesterday and informed my boss that I need to have fresh vegetables...of course he looked at me like I had two heads..."and that means what, Lisa?" he said...he is used to my "bright ideas"...and he looked at me like he needed an attorney... means I really need a garden..."aaah..." he said while staring at me...

It always goes like this when I want something from him...he tries to stare me down...and it gets kinda tricky...the first one to speak? loses....I don't know if any other women that visit The Dilletante Proprietor have ever dealt with the "oilfield" mentality? goes something like this..."ALL women are crazy " and need to be dealt with on a 7 year old level and if that doesn't work... get an attorney....

I stared right back....and he says.."and where are you going to grow a garden around here?"


LOOK at all this space...

Way in the back of the yard is something of a "dump" place for all the extra odds and ends that come in with the is on an old railroad bed and can't be seen from the gates coming into the yard or the office....

There is 10 acres of unused dirt back there!

He knows I win...and he tries to counter attack..."HOW are you gonna water a garden back there?"

"There are 11 plastic food grade barrels back there from when they remodeled the boat dock"....I say...and stare....

"Hmmmph" he says and walks off....he always does that when I win...and I always take it as a yes situation....and he knows it...

Well the mechanic started chit chatting about how great it is that I want to do something like this....and then the cleaning gal got in on it and then some of the drivers....

AND he comes again...round 2....

or so I thought...."there is a 250 gallon water tank under the storage trailer...."  and off he goes again....over his shoulder he says "I'll start saving coffee grounds for compost..."

BAAAAAAAHAAAAAAA!  I have to admit...I do love the sparring...and I think he does too....

On to my garden...

As you all prolly know...Wyoming is in a severe has been going on for years and there is absolutely NO I have a treasure hunt ahead of me to find sheet mulching materials...hay and straw are at a premium as they have to import it to feed is very expensive! and I am a terrible cheap skate....and I LOVE to recycle, reuse and re-purpose.....

In the very back of the the dumping ground...I found my spot...and TONS of reusable stuff...the images of sugar plums dancing in my head? have lot's to do with the welding shop on the lot...and my Honey...he is an awesome welder!
Trellis' art...I can't wait!

So we will see if this Dilletante can build a recycled, re purposed, reused garden and coerce even one tomato out of this barren desert ....


  1. I bet she does!
    I hope you have the best success...
    then you won't just be the winner...but you'll be the CHAMP!


  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  3. Is there even a shadow of a doubt? You go, girl!

  4. Daisy beat me to it. I kept thinking, "You go, girl!" Of course you will. Now what kind of veggies will do best in that environment? Looking forward to updates, photos, and maybe recipes at harvest time. Nice to see you posting regularly again!

  5. I've seen pictures of your last garden. If anybody can do it, you can. In fact, I'd bet you can even if anybody else CAN'T!

  6. You can do it Lisa, I have faith in you and your ingenuity. If you have mulch and a water source it can be done. Best of luck.

  7. Oh good luck!!!! I am sure you can do it - your biggest problem will probably be keeping your co-workers from harvesting for you!!!

    I cannot wait to see what ingenious ideas you come uo with!!!

    And your bossman...did not stand a chance!!!


  8. I have spent the last 30 hours combing your blog. I read it start to finish. I was flabberghasted and floored by your decision to gift your sweet tiny hut to the little lady. Wow. You're amazing! Congrats on your wedding, and have fun with your garden! I'm just now getting my garden planned and I'm going to start my inside starts any day now. I can't wait to see your garden, and what you do next!

  9. So HAPPY to see you've returned! I tried for several months to see if you had & finally gave up. Gave it another shot today after a couple of years!
    Your life seems to have taken you on many paths during these last couple of years; your marriage to your honey, gifting the Hut to the wee woman with BIG aspirations & a lil family warmed my heart.
    Can't wait to hear what's next on your Great New Adventure in TN!
    (My ocean-going Tug Captain husband retired in October so we won't have to worry when the big bad hurricanes strike. We've never spent this much sustained time together over our 27 years as a couple & I'm LOVING it!)

    Ellen - in Portsmouth, VA

  10. Lisa, How did your garden grow? Are you back east and planning, or actually working on, the new place?

  11. Okay Lisa,
    Spring has sprung, fall has fell, summer passed us hot as h- - - and now it's time for winter. Where are you ???? We love and miss you and your adventures. Please update us soon.


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