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Sunday, August 12, 2012

2011 in a nutshell....

I am trying to catch up with 2011 so you all know what I was doing....the season was a fabulous one in the gardens and I learned many new skills!  I still have to expound upon the virtues of sheet mulching...this is the garden in 2010...

This is the flower garden in 2011...

I revamped this garden with the new doo dads I got from the salvage yard for two ducks! I didn't plant anything in this garden this year...except for sunflower seeds....

This is all what came up out of the dirt in June!

I haven't weeded....watered....NOTHING!

There were flowers in there that I planted in 2010 that came up this year...forgot about them!

It was absolutely gorgeous and offered a cutting garden that filled the house daily with fresh flowers....
In addition...the veggie garden was fantastic!

 I am still learning how to plant in succession so I have fresh vegetables and then have another crop for storage in the fall...

I got some interesting vegetables this Honey called this one the "MAN" squash....

I have seen many of these hanging from the pick ups in Texas........BAAAAAAAHAAAA! 
The crops came in in 5 gallon buckets and bushel apple baskets....

The girls loved to take dust baths....

We also went and picked up a small chicken coop made by George Neill that we thought would be an excellent rabbit hutch! His skill at building this little hutch made me smile! It's soooo cute!

We moved the duck pen and made a bigger one...complete with a pallet fence....

My Honey rebuilt the foundation on the back porch and we took the walls down to add electricity...

We did, however, take SOME time out to enjoy the beautiful summer afternoons...

When fall rolled around...I took First Place in the Antique Tractor Pumpkin Fest!

I also learned the art of bartering...hee hee! I received two free freezers...big ones! I put them in the shed and filled them to overflowing...the first thing I bartered for was meat...I gave the neighbor all the squash and zuchini he could put in his pick up...and in return, he promised me a certain amount of meat for the winter...he baits the bears and deer with these fruits...

yep...and here he is....I didn't get to see the came in a box....roasts, brats, sausage and steaks....

I also traded Apple Butter Jam for Apples...thirty 5 gallon buckets full! and made apple butter, apple sauce and Crap Apple Butter....

 OH! and Rhubarb...and Blackberries!
This Rhubarb made the best Rhubarb salad dressing I have ever tasted! it also makes awesome sauce for Pork Roast!
My neighbor gave me plums and I canned 7 quarts of Plum Sauce for use on Duck! YUM!

Can't forget Mayonnaise...nothing beats it fresh with a hint of garlic...

I learned how to make Artisan bread from fresh ground wheat berries...we ate the whole loaf in one sitting it was so good!
We of course butchered chickens and ducks for the winter....and I sold some at a whopping forty bucks a piece for Thanksgiving!

Winter rolled around and we had so much food!

and too much snow!


  1. Oh my stars, you HAVE been busy! You are learning so much. Congrats on making a good go of everything God has provided you.

    I would love to see you pulling that tractor!!!

  2. WOW! The city should bring you a big Blue ribbon to hang on your front door for the best home in town!! They didn't think it could be done. Congrats to both of you. It is even pretty in the snow!
    I'm feeling a little lazy right now! Ha Ha! My accomplishments were to lose every pine tree and every blade of grass on the place! We did finish building our teardrop trailer, I've got 3/4 of the wood floor down in one bedroom, did plant a bucket garden this year to wake up one morning to find something stole every onion we planted. What ever got them pulled them straight up and didn't leave anything but the holes. Not one foot print or a trail. I imagined this big rat coming and getting them. Didn't mess with anything else just onions.
    Oh and I accomplished gaining 10 pounds.
    2011 sounds like it was a good year! Living the dream!

  3. I was so glad to see this post pop up in my feed! Looks like you've been busy :)

  4. Hmmm... I was about to say, I'm feeling so lazy. Then I thought, maybe I should just quit blogging for a year! LOL...

    Your garden looked fantastic last year. I love all the creative ways you garden...the tire with the squash in it..wonderful. Of course, I always loved your rustic cedar (is it?) fence around your bed. The coop, the hutch and the back porch...all great builds. I love how you take care of your property and manage it all by bartering and repurposing.

    I'm looking forward to putting up chickens this year!
    ...right now, I'm scouring the barn for parts to make my Whiz Bang chicken plucker.

    Oh...and that man squash ...MADE ME CHUCKLE OUTLOUD! We do have Bull Trucks in Texas,too! No lie!


  5. Your garden was gorgeous! All those flowers, sigh. I laughed out loud at the man squash! Congratulations on your tractor pull trophy! You are an amazingly accomplished woman.
    PS - I'd love to have the recipe for the rhubarb salad dressing. I've never heard of that before.

  6. Oh my Sandi! I have missed you! I am working on countertops just like yours..haven't gotten them outta my head since I saw the pic of yours! Think about you daily!

    Daisy...I think of you too! and wishing for your barnheart dreams to come true! I have been reading back posts since I got my computer up and running again...amazes me how much I have missed!

    Hugs for all of you! so grateful and thankful for all of you!


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