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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Good Morning! Today I woke up feeling like my arms were gonna fall off from scraping and painting... and sat down to check the weather on my has been about blizzarding here for two days! Well...I was dragging my behind until I clicked to our blog...

RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF ME...was a feature in one of my favorite was US! THE DILLETANTE PROPRIETOR!

I cannot tell you how excited...honored...thrilled...I am! Makes me want to whip this hut into shape all in one day! LOL!

The The DIY Showoff is a place where you can learn amazing skills...there are 4412 people that follow it and more than that that contribute their art, skills and crafts for you to learn how to do things on your has been instrumental in my stumble thru this hut! If I don't know how to do something, I the web and take inspiration and knowledge from all of these wonderful people...there is no "can't do" or "don't know how to" on these pages...just honest Americans like us that have a WANT to do...

We all know? not all of Lisa's projects are successful...I seem to have Visions(delusions?) of Grandeur sometimes! Hee Hee! But my dream is still the same...I think that Americans can have anything they want through hard work and determination...not thousands of dollars....

Roeshel, the original DIY Show Off called me a Diva....

If you could all see me most of the time...for example...I put on make up not too long ago and did my hair, dressed in my old holey truck driving jeans and my truck driving sweatshirt...and lo and behold, my little teacher friend came over to visit....she looked dumbfounded and "wow, you going out on a date tonight?" popped outta her mouth....that is how bad this Diva looks most of the time! LOL! I actually didn't have paint, tar, dirt or ash on my face...

Most of the time? I look like this crazy lady!( and I took this picture off here three times before I actually told myself to get over it! ) Obviously no one cares what I look like! I know why the neighbors wouldn't talk to me at first....but they do now and they are used to my crazy hair and dirty face!

One day...I will be able to get outta bed...take a bath and actually look like a girl again....but for now? I am just a Dilletante! and I am happy with that....

Well, back to the grindstone...I wish you all a beautiful and blessed day!


  1. I am so tickled for you! Congratulations! :D ::happy dance::

    And please - you are adorable and if you take that picture down [again] I am sending you BLUE wallpaper.

    I will make it so. [and ugly] giggle

  2. Lisa - what a wonderful recognition for all your hard work!!!!! I love the DIY showcase but almost feel a little jealous having to share you with them -- LOL!! But seriously I am so very happy for you and love the "diva" picture of you that you just posted - I think that is true DIY Diva style.


  3. Oh Skippy I won't take it down, although it is a really accurate depiction and I look like a nut, I will wear my humiliation... just so long as you DON'T... and Promise NEVER.. to send me any more blue paper! LOL!

    Hooked? I wondered what you guys would think! You don't ever have to be jealous cuz I do just love you so!

  4. Congrads Lisa! I haven't seen the DIY Showoff. I'll have to go look.
    What a wondered picture! A great peek of your kitchen. I see some changes going on!

  5. Awe, Lisa - you're so sweet! Thank YOU for sharing your amazing DIY skills and beautiful makeovers and pretty projects!

    You ARE a diva! Don't you know work clothes, lack of makeup and paint in hair = a DIY diva?! haha It's what I look like most every day too. Not to mention, broken nails and safety gear! ::insert sexy whistle here:: lol!

    It's so nice to "meet" you! :)


  6. Oh, Lisa. You quack me up! You are so deserving of all the recognition that comes your way.


    Yup, that's you!
    Blessings, daisy

  7. Yay! Congratulations Lisa! You're working so hard and making HUGE strides in transforming your home. So happy for you & your blog!

  8. I just started following your blog. I went way back to the beginning - what a strange, strange trip you've had (must have been the "seeds")LOL. Are you going to build a root cellar? Great place to put all the veggies to over winter but then you do have a basement so you could make one down there. I saw plans on Mother Earth News for one that was in the basement. I so want one! But have to wait...sigh.

  9. Hi Lisa,
    Congrats on being featured in the DIY blog !!! Your sweet little cottage sure has come a long way in the last 1 1/2 years. I'm honored to have been able to watch the transformation from the very begining.
    I notice that you're wearing "our" favorite happy color in the picture, it's no wonder you look so great.

    Have faith, soon the snow will melt (Like mid- August, LOL) and you will be back in the garden tending to your flowers and veggies. In the meantime, stay warm and keep those blogs a coming.

  10. I am glad that more people are seeing your site. It has been loads of fun watching the progress. we are going to need pictures of you mucking out the chicken coop in the spring! Or how about a picture of you all dressed up, total face, heels working the garden. Ha! That would make everyone feel like a slug.

  11. lisa - I have got it!! I was wondering how all of us original followers could honor your award and I finally came up with it. We can all chip in and hire someone to wallpaer your whole house!! Can you guess what color!!!



  12. Hooked? don't make me come to Oklahoma and bestow these six 50 gallon garbage bags of blue paper upon you! LOL!
    Thank you all for your support! and Welcome to all our new people! I can't wait to hear your suggestions and comments!

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I haven't stopped talking about your blog/posts/story since I discovered it yesterday. What an experience you've had! You've inspired, motivated and generally just made me think about a lot of things. Thanks for sharing - I look forward to reading more!

  14. Gardening in heels...wouldn't the neighbors really think I had lost it? HAHAHAHAHAA! I wouldn't make it out the door before I had something stuck to me or smeared on me Donna! Rebecca, I stopped by your blog and am still laughing about your statement "we love our cat, she is microchipped, we have no choice." Your sense of humor is wonderful, you should write all the time!
    Vanessa and are just so even support the crazy painted pictures of me! is it a wonder I feel like you all are my closest friends?
    I have been scheming on a root cellar for months! Hopefully I will find an idea that will suit the both of us!


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