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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free, recycled...repurposed....

I was asking the Honey how much it snowed last night...he was in a panic to snow blow the drive way...he is home today as he smashed his whole hand with a 3lb sledge hammer yesterday and had to go to the hospital for x-rays...I really thought he broke his wrist because it was swollen to the size of one of his shoes...they are very large wasn't broke, thank goodness, but it was purple and like I said...large....
I was arguing with him about his need to run a piece of equipment that required two he only had one..and he felt the need to say..."I still have two hands..."  AAAAAH! I used the tactic I always use when he argues...I feed him...then he gets all sleepy and TA DAH...Nap time....
So...anyways...I kept thinking about snow....why did he think we got so much snow and went to look out the front window....and I saw this...
My new...SNOW METER....yep, I am thinking that is the best use for the bird house I have ever had and obviously the previous owner didn't appreciate the value of it it was in the dumpster....I would say we got about 9 inches last night....better go scoop out the mail box so the mail man does not have to trudge thru it....


  1. Oh Lisa, how I miss the snow!!! (Yes, I know I'm crazy but I do love it.) Here, KC, we get an inch and people freak out, the schools shut down and the city comes to a screeching halt. I keep telling my neighbors and friends that an inch or two is nothing compared to the Michigan snowfalls I experienced growing up. They think I'm lying. I'm going to print out your picture and show them what a typical Michigan snowfall is really like. (BTW, it's 40 degrees here.)
    Keep the fire stoked and stay warm,

  2. Lived with all that snow in MN for 12 years. Now, it's the Seattle rain. But boy does my skin look good! The good part about the snow is that it covers all the composted gardens and things gone to seed. You get a lovely winter wonderland and then voilĂ ! Spring! Is your husband a shoveler or a snow blower? Maybe you could trade a few of those canned veggies with a local guy to help out!

  3. Love the snow meter! And the snow picture!

    LOL Vanessa, that is the way it is here in West TX, everyone freaks here also. Our norm it blowing dirt as it did yesterday. Always great to watch a wall of dirt blowing in LOL. Don't like the snow myself, but love seeing snow pictures. 56 degrees here today.

  4. I AM SO JEALOUS! 56 degrees...40 degrees...YOU big TEASES! It is approximately 14 whopping degrees here! I have to admit..I love the snow and winter weather...but after looking at my garden pictures today? Big SIGH! I would love to go play out there today. Donna? I lived in Camano Island for three years...I don't think I have ever seen anything more beautiful than Washington State...and I have been everywhere! I always felt like gnomes and little people would be running around in the woods is magical! Parts of Texas are awe inspiring too! Vanessa when you want to come home to visit? PICK ME! I have a new hide a bed! and it has your name written on it if you want to come skiing! (HINT)
    I am a shoveler and a snowblower Donna...I have all sorts of implements to get rid of snow...why? I don't know! I don't like the noisy smelly machinery but I love my snow scoop! what a work out! and my neighbors are so wonderful, if we are not out there? they just do it for us when they do theirs...think that's why my Muffin was in such a panic...maybe he thought the neighbor was gonna make him look like a wuss..hee hee!


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