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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I had a succession of posts planned out and most drafted...BUT my internet service, as always was inadequate...soooo...I went was a hard decision for me...being the tight wad that I am....but my tight fist...opened slowly...and I called the thieves...I NOW HAVE DIGITAL INTERNET! and my service is constant....YAAAY! 

A hulking brute came thru my tiny house...drilled a hole in my 100 year old molding and stuck modern technology right thru it! I have to admit...that hurt...but I am getting over it...

I also wanted to say...THANK YOU for being loyal to me...when I planned this blog I knew what some of the problems would be with accessing it all of the time as I had my wireless service for awhile...I planned this blog so that if anything happened and I had to fork over more money for service or have any other problems....that this blog would be able to help defray the costs...and it is...I put Google ads on here not hoping for much but hoping that it would help if those things happened...

Thanks to you...our blog is up and running...the ads you all have so generously tolerated are generating an average of 16.00 dollars a month and I will be using it to pay for the new service...I thought you all should know that because this is OUR blog and I feel accountable to ALL of you...

SOOOOOO! Thank you! and I hope you all know how much I appreciate you and am grateful for your comments, ideas, thoughts and that you all read it!



  1. Hi Lisa,
    So glad you are back!!!! I think I can speak for all of your followers by saying "Thank You" for sharing your experiences, talents, ideas and support. I enjoy reading what you are up to and it motivates me to get off my buns and finish the 8 projects I have started. (my honey appreciates that too)
    Love the pictures of your grandbabies and your "men". Keep those pictures coming. I can never get enough pictures of the people I love.

    Stay warm,

  2. First, you do not look old enough to be a grandma! Second, put even more ads on if you want. As long as I can read the post I don't care how many ads are on the post!

  3. Do you ladies know how much I think about you? I have conversations with you in my head when I am working! That is how deeply you have touched my heart!
    Vanessa? I would love to see YOUR projects! and you make me smile!
    Donna? THANKS for saying that! sometimes I feel old! and I am so glad the ads don't bother you guys!

  4. Nice to see you back again...And Donna is right. You do not look old enough to be a grandmother. NO WAY!! You do not look a day older than 30. Anyways, glad you are back up running. Adam

  5. Lisa - we have MISSED you - so glad you are up and running again. I agree - you are too young to be a grandmother so I invite you to join a little club I belong to. We meet about every 6 weeks for coffee and a chat and call ourselves the "tytbags" = too young to be a grandmother. HAHAHA - we get some looks when we say that!!!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and your Thanksgiving post, reminding us all to be thankful is truly what this season is about.

  6. AWWWW! Keep it coming! I think that your comments are the best wrinkle cream in the world! LOL! I would love,love, love, love LOVE to go to coffee with the TYTBAGS! To go to coffee with all of you? that would heaven...

    Adam, I showed off your house last night...and all the cookies you made! Ladies? Adam made 8 hours worth of cookies in a hundred year old stove! I also went back thru your pics when you first got your house...1980's be gone! the amount of work you have make ME tired!

    I showed Vanessa's comment about my muffins to my Head Muffin last night...made him wiggle..he does that when he is happy and a little embarrassed...he loved it!


  7. Thank you Lisa. I just posted some before and after pics of each room I have completed (or nearly competed). Still alot of work ahead though. And yes, 1980's be gone for sure. I need to start on my master bedroom before I am married in June. Hope I can meet the deadline. Thanks again for your nice words and showing off my house to all your friends. :) Adam

  8. I do have to agree with everyone. If you need any help in keeping this blog going, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I really do enjoy it!

    I have been watching Adam and Jovita's blog also. I have both blogs on speed dial! Love both of your homes and hope my turns out half as good!


  9. Thank you Sandi I will keep it going for just about anything, I just love it...I have become so frugal and have planned my life so tightly...One of my biggest wants is to not be dependent on the outside world or be "wordly" ...but self sufficient in everything and I have become totally ridiculous! I have set a budget for myself for living expenses of 350 dollars a month outgo and I can't believe how easy it has been to stay within that budget! I think the way our world is going that the world revolves around material and monetary means, it will crash hard again...I have watched a lot of my friends lose their homes..and in turn, their vitality...I so want mine to remain simple and within my means no matter what...if I want something big? I have to get a temp job so I don't disturb my budget...and I truly love living this makes my slightest gain an enormous amount of fun!

  10. thats so awesome! i havent been on here in a while so im going thru all your posts!!


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