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Saturday, December 18, 2010

I was wondering if anyone was interested in a chicken and duck processing tutorial? It is a sensitive subject to some so I thought I would ask first!

My 3 day a week job has turned into 6 days a week...but it's fun and I will have my bed soon! Hope all of you are staying warm and enjoying all the sparkly lights!


  1. Very kind of you to consider the sensitive subject matter. I personally don't have chickens yet, and I don't think I could process my own birds if I did.
    Congrats on your increase in hours! I hope you like what you do. It makes life that much more enjoyable.

  2. Hmmmmm, not too sure about that subject.

    After all these years, I still have to purchase cut up chicken due to an injury I suffered in HIGH SCHOOL basketball....hearing the snapping of my bone, was worse than the pain of the injury.
    Besides, how could you ever "process" your "girls" ????? LOL

    So glad to hear you're working additional hours. I can't wait to see that new matress in your finished bedroom.
    Stay warm,

  3. I will take a pass on the processing tutorial.

  4. You all just made me laugh so hard! I love my "girls" but they are for food...and I know a lot of people are sensitive to that! I kept some to hatch ducklings and chicks in the spring so I can start the process all over again...I really am into sustainability and have grown and processed my own meat for such a long time, it now seems "normal" to me...I have a hard time sticking anything from a commercial grocery in my mouth but I totally respect your thoughts on the matter! We will PASS on the processing tutorial! LOL!
    Vanessa? I took a winter job at the ski hill here so I could buy some big ticket items but I will be done in March! Can't wait for spring! Hugs for all of you!

  5. What about a lesson on how to set up the chicken coop or how you built yours? I'll be needing that one for sure, sometime down the road.

  6. I think I could go for some lessons on chicken coop building, some lessons on raising and hatching. It's been so many years since we had chickens. Loved the fresh eggs. And no we didn't eat any of our chickens. The kids had them all named.LOL I was thinking about raising some with the grand kids. But really need a refresher course. Or if you have a good web site that might help that would be fine too.

  7. I don't think I would like the processing tutorial either. I have raised all sorts of critters from rabbits to cattle, but when the processing was necessary I had to have someone else handle that. I have recently been helping the hubby process deer meat, but I never look at the animal prior to skinning. I love meat, but I don't like thinking about eating "Fluffy",
    "Bully", "Chicklet", or "Bambi".
    I agree that the tutorials regarding pens, coops, feeding advice, even novice vet care for farm animals would be more to everyone's liking.

  8. well, I personally-- could USE THE TUTORIAL for processing... but, as I've not ever learned how to clean fish- Honey, does that for me.
    But like most here have said already- I am interested in coop, and yard building...keeping chickens for eggs and ducks too!
    thanks for asking.
    I hope you see this comment as this is an older post of yours...

  9. Hi Pat! I will do a chicken tutorial soon! they are fun...easy.. and if you do want to learn to process, you will be very surprised at how easy and non gross it is. Chickens and ducks require very little but I am so glad you are interested!


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