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Monday, January 24, 2011

More projects finished...YAAAAY!

This week, in between work and life...I have completed a few projects....and I am so excited about them!

Remember the dilemma we were having about keeping the door...not keeping the door in the living room? Well, it is a beautiful door but my house is little! and wall space is a premium in this hut! Much more valuable than that me...the Honey wasn't so thrilled about removing was real wood...that I had not touched with a paint brush...and well, men? they...for some reason are really attached to wood "things"...whether they go with your decor or not...

I had to pull out the Hoooonaaay! Hat and beg but that door is still has a home here but that is a a surprise! (well, and one of the reasons I didn't have to throw a tantrum...hee hee!)

As you all know, I had selected all the things I wanted for the living room and stuck them in there....I have been thinking really hard about this room...I wanted soft...warm...a little bit of elegance thrown in with the rustic and I really, really...really! wanted English Cottage charm...

I love red...I bet you all are rolling your eyes about now...yes, Lisa...WE KNOW! LOL! and I have started the rug for the living room ...and its center medallion is red...and I really want red in the living room since the kitchen and this room are so close together...but I also want individuality...and I love blue...I started looking at several blogs...Google images on red and blue rooms...most were fun...and bright....retro...until I came across Her name is Erin and she loves everything Turquoise! Her blog is so fun and just jam packed with information and decorating pictures...anyways, I put" red and blue rooms" in her search box and it gave me several of them was a reference to a blue paint...Wythe is from Benjamin Moore's Historical collection...

Every room, piece of furniture...every review...just gushed about how beautiful it was! and tons of pictures of room painted this color had at least one RED accent and it just blended beautifully...yep, this was the blue for me...I live in a prehistoric state...not one store sells Benjamin Moore paint...I had to go to Wisconsin to get it...I was so excited when I got home the first thing I did was open it and paint a picture's green...figures....I went back an hour later? Here was the most gorgeous aqua blue paint color I had ever wasn't was so soft...pretty...I am in LUH HUV with this color! With paint brush in hand...I selected my first victim...

Remember this? with it's multi coats of barfy apple green paint? Well, the paint was cute actually...just not my kind of I, in all my infinite wisdom...(that is my sardonic reference to my lack of sense) decided to take ALL the paint off and see what was underneath it...Oh! did I mention I bought a can of Turquoise? and that is when I decided Erin loves it! Lisa does not!
This cabinet was stained green...but now, at least, I had a clean slate with no drips or marks...and I had a place for just removing the door!

I spent all of today painting that cabinet...just so I could get out all of my free, repurposed, found, recycled pretties to put in it! All those road side plates and little think it will really look amazing sitting next to my new french doors... and this is how it ended for the night...

Pressed flowers

vintage silver lid bottles

And this is how I am ending my night....

Did I mention how much I love my wood cookstove? and my chickens?


  1. Just Looooverly! That made my night!

  2. It turned out fantastic! That corner cabinet is darling. Hope all is well with work...

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Nice work on the corner cabinet !!!! The blue really makes your pretties pop. I have been looking for the perfect blue/turquise color to paint some of my accent pieces and I think you just found it for me. (I have so many of those little sample jars, perhaps I should just dump them into a can and custom mix my own color. Nahhhh) I do believe another trip to the big box store is in the very near future for me.
    Keep up the good work. Your blogs always give me inspiration.

  4. And you just made my morning! It is soooo wonderful to have something really nice in this living room! It's staaarting! lol My kitchen is turning out right..and now? the living room! Everything has looked so grungy and is amazing how much the right colors change everything!
    Vanessa? This blue goes with pink, white, silver, gray, purple green, RED! it seems to go with everything! It is truly the most calm, beautiful blue I have ever seen...and it changes with the light like an abalone! Just LOVE IT!

  5. Beautiful job! I really think you are doing this the right way. It takes so much time to pull things together. But as we watch we can see pieces appear and evolve. It totally changes how I see your rooms. I am looking forward to see what you do with the door. There are so many possibilities.
    By the way, your breakfast is absolutely calling to me :)

  6. Lisa, I stumbled upon your blog through the hgtv website and am completely amazed and inspired! I spent last night and this morning reading all of your posts, from first to latest - what a charming blog! The work you and your Honey have done with this little treasure of a house is wonderful! I have often driven around in the UP and seen little farm houses in a state of disrepair and dilapidation and thought it would be so fun to do exactly what you are doing (I'm a history teacher and can't help thinking what those places have seen in all their years). I live in northern lower Michigan and am in the process of making my own home "Irish cottagey." I'm coming from the opposite angle, trying to "cottage up" a newer home and add some charm. Good luck to you in your endeavors - I will continue to follow your progress!

  7. That cabinet is amazing. I can only imagine sitting and looking at it, what a smile it would bring to my face. You are very talented. Can't wait to read more.

    [I found you through Phelan - and anyone that is a friend of Phe's I hope will be a friend of mine]

    Have a great week Lisa.

  8. lisa - been thinking about you here in Oklahoma with snowmageddon 2011. Lots of 18 wheeler accidents LOL. Hope all is well with your new job location and your multitude of projects. Hope to hear from you soon

  9. I am so thankful that you chose to stop by KDurb! It is wonderful to have another Michigander! Welcome to our blog!
    Skippy Mom? Phelan has been my inspiration for years now and I admire her...when I got a comment from her? I felt like a celebrity came to my house to visit! I would be so proud to call her friend and I am so proud that you stopped by because of her! Glad to have you!

    Oh Hooked, I thought and thought about you over there in all this weather and hope that you were safe! I bet there were tons of accidents, us truckers have no fear when it come to weather, we have seen a lot of terrible things and ice and snow is the least of our worries but there is a time to GETOFF THE ROAD and call it quits...I hope with all my heart that you got thru it o.k...and I am so glad to hear from you! It makes me feel so much better! :)


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