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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stair runners...

I have so many ideas for these stairs you guys! I can imagine that you would not want to cover up your stair risers after painting stars on them Vintage Whimsy!! I HAVE TO SEE  them! they are...
Aren't they darling? Love them Vintage Whimsy!

  I, too...have come rolling down the stairs in socks...only to end up on my left butt cheek...and my lil buns can't take too many spills like that! smallest Muffin...seems to sometimes take two stairs at a time trying to keep from skittering down head first!
My lil Scruffalupagus... save my hiney...and Rudy's nose...I have been researching options and deliberating with my little Sister...who knits...crochet's and crafts like no one else I have ever make something inexpensive that would NOT cover up the whole tread or the risers but would offer some degree of softness and skid resistance...and I found these....

 You could even braid them like the rug I am making for the living room....and with some furniture tacks...nail the hummers to the stair treads! I did that on my back porch...a runner from the curb, of course! it was brand new...but it is Hooooomely!  but it does catch the dirt from the farm yard... Anyways...they are easy to remove if washing is required and they could cover as much or as little as you want!

You girls just make me excited to do everything!


  1. I never thought of just covering a little bit of the tread. That's so awesome!! What a great idea. :)

  2. love the woven tread covers!!! What a great idea!


  3. I have to agree with the posts yesterday. My favorite stair treads are the red painted ones. Either one. My farm house had the braided rugs on the treads. They definitely make it safer but I found it a little bit of work to keep them on the step. Lots of industrial double sided sticky tape! I've found that the most important thing is a hand rail. I have saved myself from extreme pain by a good grip on a rail. Do you have the room and the plans for a hand rail?
    I also hope you complete the upstairs before you do the stairs. Hate to see all the hard work get chipped and scuffed.
    I am becoming a real blog nerd! I have to say that I check your site daily hoping for more stuff. Thanks

  4. Love those little braided rugs. What a brilliant I just need the old house with the beautiful stairs to put them on. ;-)

  5. Come up here Heather! I will help you get one for 600.00! lol! and knowing the overwhelming mess? I will help you clean it, paint and anything else it requires! It is so worth it!

  6. Oh Donna, you are no nerd! I continually wonder with your talents, your obviously beautiful soul and your incredible taste why you bother with this hut! I can't tell you how glad I am that you do though!
    I do have plans for a stair are so right! after taking off my industrial pipe my vanity got the best of me...I certainly need a sturdy one, those stairs are steep! I won't let anyone wear shoes in my house anymore...I have thought of a sign to alleviate that but haven't gotten to it is going to say..."I love chickens and I am sure you do too...but I don't love what is stuck to your shoe"...most go to the coops first and then come to the house....chicken droppings are not welcome in the house so I have asked everyone to take their shoes off and they have been very gracious. Anyways...I think that just might save my newly painted stairs from scuffs, there is so much work to do on the upstairs I don't know if I will be able to stand those stairs before it all gets done!lol

  7. That would be a cute sign! In MN, no one wears shoes in the house. In Seattle, I can't get people to take their shoes off.
    Oh, you paint a very rosy picture of me. Hubby rolled his eyes.

  8. Oooh, you’re such an inspiration. I love this blog!
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  9. I hope you finish before your stairs upstairs. Want to see all the hard work has been chipped and worn. I became a real blog nerd! I have to say, I check your site every day for more things, I hope. Thank you!


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