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Monday, January 17, 2011's what makes me happy! does blue...BUT...Red is the color I chose for my accent in my kitchen!  and, after having to rip out the moulding to the stairway and desecrate my almost finished kitchen...the only real room in my house...I needed some consolation!

Remember in the last post that I told you I commandeered my upstairs for several projects? Well, my linen closet was on the top of my list of to do's...I was so tired of removing the door upstairs, fetching a light to shine in there...and ducking and hunching to get to the tote that held the clean sheets...dragging the tote out of the pitiful and dark cave and then having to put it all back...sooo...last fall, my Sweet School Teacher friend...who loves me...(the one that let's out the UUUUUGGHHHH! as big as her whole body? like when I try and scrounge old bath rugs...) came by and told me her brother was cleaning out her Mama's garage and basement and would I like to come over and see if there was anything I would like? UH...YES!

Her Mama has a very large basement...and there are 10 kids...and those kids were loading trailers...yes, whole trailers full of stuff...stuff I couldn't get to fast enough before they were driving away to the dump! However, during one of my frantic perusings of said trailers...I found this..
It's an old metal pharmacy cabinet...with doors...and the old metal caged glass...which I promptly broke..:(
This cabinet sat in my yard for a couple of months before my Honey had pity on me and carried it upstairs last week so I could paint it...I tried to get the old paint off...what did they paint these things with anyways? It didn't come off and I was so tired of scraping and brushing...phooey...I just primed over it finally! 
Then the spray painting began...6 cans of dollar spray paint..."several thin coats are better than one thick one"...what EVER! This cabinet can't get enough spray paint on it! Painting indoors with a window open in 12 degree weather...with a mask on your face and plastic on everything?  Um...I will never do it ankles STILL have a red ring on them from the crocks and footies I was wearing while painting and my nostrils were glued shut for 3 days! 

I finally gave up...I will have to put more on in the summer when I can do it outside!  Well, my Muffin carried it down the stairs....and put it in it's new home...

All that time looked terrible! almost like it was way to small for the wall...and...well...naked....I taped the curtain  in the window...I still need to get a curtain rod to hang won't look so square...then...I think? Hopefully it will add some softness to it!

And when my Honey came home? he said nothing...he never does that any more...he always comments! Well, that says something along the lines of "if you can't say something nice...." after grilling him for 10 minutes on how it looked and him dancing around the subject...I made him help me  dress it up with all the things I have been collecting for it...he seemed to think that it was too much red and that all that red would look ridiculous...BUT...

It just started getting better and better!

I am really loving the 3D wall art...

My sweet Muffin Man did an awesome job dressing up this naked space! He promised to cut the backs for the picture frames this weekend and help me find two tiny rods to hang the curtain right...and  fix the moulding I destroyed, the wall upstairs, the banister...attach the moulding to the stair treads, put in a rod in my new closet...can you believe this guy still loves me? He has not one moment of peace....I, however, have stopped knocking on the bathroom door with questions...

Not too shabby for $10 bucks...and no more digging in the cave closet!


  1. Love IT!!! and yes peace at last 1hr bathroom breaks! LOL!!!!!!

  2. The cabinet looks great in the kitchen! I love the 3D wall art. Great idea!

  3. Love the cabinet and that beautiful color. (Red is my favorite color too.) Since the cabinet is metal, you might want to use adjustable magnetic curtain rods. Attach them on the inside at the top and bottom of the "window". You can make a simple shirred curtain by measuring 1 and 1/2 times the width of the opening and the length of the opening plus 4 inches for the top and bottom pockets for which the rods will slide through. Cut your fabric to these dimentions,hem it up and VIOLA! you have a shirred curtain for your cabinet. (Hope you understand my directions) I know Walmart carries small adjustable magnetic rods because I has to use one on our metal back door.
    Take care,

  4. I think it looks amazing! So full of life! You and hubby should take yourselves out to dinner!

  5. Awww! Thanks you guys! and Vanessa? your directions were perfect! I just love the thought of magnetic curtain rods! all the red used to be on the other side of the kitchen but now it is distributed evenly and it is so fun looking!

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the wall art. How creative, and perfect for your vintage kitchen!

  7. I just love red! and the cabinet :) - what a fun, fun, piece! I've go so many pieces I want to spray paint, but with this weather I'm trying to will myself to wait until it's warmer outside. You were definitely a brave girl :)!

  8. Love the cabinet!! Finding an old pharmacy/medicine cabinet is a dream for me. I have never been able to find one that didn't cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars!! Sigh! I just want to sit in your kitchen and drink tea by your cozy stove!


  9. Sheila! You can come anytime and drink tea with me by my stove if you let me come over this summer and sit in your fabulous sun porch! Your house is incredible!

  10. can stop by anytime. Hope you like beer! I live between Detroit and Lansing...not too far, LOL!
    That porch is one of my favorite things about my home. I think everything on that porch was from Craigslist or a yard fave pastime! Thanks for the compliment!

  11. Being able to take some grungy cabinet and turn it into a useful piece is my kind of woman... I have nothing but my sofa that I paid retail for, or even paid for..haha
    I'm a dumpster diver from way back...
    I love what you did with this! Recycling all the junk that will just go to a landfill is the way to go...
    Granny sent me to see this and I'll have to go back and read more of your blog...
    I love it!

  12. That's the prettiest little red cabinet ever! I love red. It's my kitchen color too : )

  13. Hi Lisa....I just found your blog through Granny's blog, and wow...a very nice creation in your kitchen! I LOVE RED! My oldest daughter has red and tan in her kitchens...always...wherever she moves too! I can't wait to see the rest of your blog! I'm your 100th follower! Hurray for me~

  14. Hi Cathy! YAAAY! 100! I am just tickled that you are here!

  15. Amazing! That red looks so adorable!! Just found your blog ... I can't wait to read all of it! :)


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