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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I was just refreshing myself with all the news since I have been utterly self absorbed for the past week and a half!
My God...the weather is horrendous STILL! I think all of you....should move up to the UP with me...that tornadoes, no flooding...Long winters but do- able....

Hoping all of you are heart has been stuck in my throat since catching up on everything... please...again...forgive my selfish ways and send me a "HERE" we know you are all right! So many of you live in the path of this devastation!


  1. South Central Kansas checking in. All our tornadoes were weak, thankfully.

  2. Hi Lisa - somehow I knew this post was coming from you, as you are always so sweet and concerned with others. We are fine - praise the Lord. We got a lot of small debris from the tornado, but no real damage. The worst part was that our youngest was at a friend's working on a project for school and was in a different shelter. That was heart wrenching, but we were blessed that we were all in shelters. We did take a lightning strike in our yard, luckily we were not there and had unpluuged most things. On the happy side - I have a new dishwasher - did not even think to unplug that - or the coffee pot. Little inconveniences, but we are counting our blessings. The tornado was about a mile and a half away - too close for comfort!!
    I - like you - am anxious to hear from others. Right now our national news is being somewhat interrupted by local news coverage.
    Thank you Lisa - and prayers for everyone dealing with this crazy weather!

  3. YAAAY FOR WEAK TORNADOES! I can tolerate wimpy ones! the others are terrible! so glad you are o.k Phelan!

    I can't imagine what it felt like to have your child somewhere else not knowing what was going on...that must have been awful!

    God Bless all of you and I am so thankful you are alright Hooked!

  4. Praying for all those affected by the tornadoes and near-misses!

    Our hurricane season starts in 6 days. Let's hope it's quiet this year!

  5. Thankfully, no tornados in Alaska, but my prayers are with all those who are affected by the severe weather in the midwest and the south.

    How kind of you to ask those in the danger areas to check in.

    BTW, I have a Westie too!

  6. So glad to hear that you guys are okay!!

    Hooked-don't know how you did it, they must have tied you down!! Congrads on you new dishwasher!

    Daisy-I will be hoping for a quiet hurricane season.

    Lisa-Just might have to do that, but I want to live on your street :)


  7. Oh Good Lord Daisy! I am positive you have to move here is is hee! I will be on you daily to make sure something has not burned you up, blew you away, flooded you out...

    Paula! Rudy is a Cairn but I really don't know what the difference is, he is a nut either way, just love him! Well..cept for his muddy feet! LOL!

    SANDI! You can live on my street! Two houses for for 50 bucks that needs major work or rebuilding and one that is really cute for 12,000 bucks in great shape but the owner has visions of grandeur because he will not get 5000 for it! We will certainly talk him down! LOL!

    If you all can imagine what it is like to think of you and know you are living in the zone's of hell right scary...I just want to scoop you all up and bring you home with me!

  8. Hi Lisa!

    My heart is also breaking for everyone dealing with all the severe weather! :-( What part of the country are you in?? And can you really buy housing so cheap?? Crazy! I live in Idaho - no crazy weather here either. Thank goodness - I seriously couldn't even imagine.

    So I wanted to thank you for the sweet comments on my blog... made my day! I really need to get in gear and rescue all the neglected posts out of my draft box.

    Malissa :-)

  9. Rudy is a cutie! Here's a link to a photo of Beans, my Westie:

  10. Malissa! Yes, you can really buy housing that cheap! and I am in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan..I love Idaho..being from Montana but it is way too expensive to live there!

    I will go look at your Beans, Paula!

  11. Beans looks alot like Rudy! Their personalities are so funny!

  12. I think Cairns and West Highland White Terriers come from the same place - Scotland!

  13. WOW, The cost of living must be really low around there. 50 bucks will not pay my electric bill. How much do pay for a gallon of gas? LOL

  14. The cost of living is pretty low here, expensive in some areas but moderately low in most! Gas is 3.99 a gallon right now and sometimes $4.00! That is what the most expensive thing is in my life...gas..who knew?

  15. Lisa, 3.99 is about what we pay here. I figured if you could buy a home or just land that low gas had to be lower. Around here a small fixer upper is about $40,000.

  16. Checking in from Portsmouth, VA - with much appreciation & gratitude, I might add.

    We had the remnants of the Poplin, MO tornado here last week & it took a toll on my neighborhood's historic trees.

    There was just one death reported at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (actually located in Portsmouth not two miles from me & the oldest shipyard in the country, circa 1767). A man was caught between two mobile units & crushed. Very sad, indeed.

    Two school yards lost many mighty oaks; a couple uprooted leaving massive craters in their wake. I never lost power but my mother, two miles away, did. My only personal damage was to a market umbrella in the backyard.

    This has been a scary Spring with hurricane season approaching this week. I just hope it's a mild one with no storms making landfall. My ocean-going Captain husband is due home today from his Gulf of Mexico run so I'll be relieved to have him home.

    Again, thanks for your inquiry. We have much to be grateful for - including great friends like you!

    Ellen - in Portsmouth, VA

  17. Hurricanes? Right after will have to check in every day til Christmas Ellen! I am so glad you are o.k.! and that your hubby returned home safely to you!


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