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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Well...BABIES....DUCK babies...

About a month ago, we decided to try our hands at making an egg incubator...we had an old copper box with a light bulb and cord already wired into was used as our first refrigerator...that is a different story, though! LOL!

We cut a hole in the top for a viewing panel and screwed a piece of old plexiglas to the lid so we could see what was going on in we insulated with sheet board insulation and installed a hot water thermostat on the side...

drilled airholes... installed wire mesh above the light...added water bowls for humidity  and put in a 40 watt lightbulb...WALAH...incubator... takes 21 days for chickens to hatch and 28 days for duck eggs to hatch.....for the last month, I have faithfully been monitoring my eggs...turning them three times a day and really looking after them...I even read up on candling...which is holding the egg up to a light and actually looking inside the egg...

There were definately baby ducks in could see their heart beating and the outlines of their little beaks! 28 days came and went...nothing was happening...this is a critical time...I was thinking that all of them had died...and just as I was about to throw out these eggs...thinking it was a total Honey begged for two more days... til Thursday Baby Doll...just wait til Thursday!...and then.this happened today...

 The eggs were pipping! Those lil babies were peeping and breaking thru the shells!

I peeped at them...and they peeped back at me!

I have six eggs in there...and only two are viable...but those little duckies are breaking out!

My little Pekin Hen is sitting on a clutch too...I wasn't sure if she was going to be a good Mama or not...but that little girl is being the best broody Mama EVER!

 And the Drake? He puts anything that gets near her on the run! He is quite obnoxious...he went from friendly little duck to flying at you and chasing you...and don't even bother talking to her...

If all this works out? I will have hatched two duckies and she will hav 13! Chickens are next...we need a crop of fifty for next years meat supply...


  1. oh how "tweet" is this!!! New feather babies!! can't wait to see the hatchlings


  2. LOL Hooked!
    Congrads guys! I remember how much fun it was to watch them hatch.

  3. Wonderful! :D Babies! Congratulations!

  4. awww.. little duckies :) how cute - can´t wait to see them after they get out of the shell ;)

  5. That is so sweet. Do they have a pool to swim in? My friend uses a child's wading pool for her ducks. Can't wait to see them toddling around.

  6. How totally awesome! Congratulations on the new little quackers : ) We are currently waiting on peachicks... the eggs are under their momma. We usually let her do the hatching, then we rescue them from the coop and raise them in the garage until they are strong enough to fend for themselves... or they're flying all over the place inside the garage - whichever comes first!

  7. It's good to see that spring has finally come to the UP.
    Love the baby ducks, Before long, they will be waddling all over the yard getting into the garden and having a grand old time.
    The videos of the little guys are amazing.
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. You had me goin' for just a mintue there...
    Enjoy your new babies!

  9. Just love little duckies! Wish we had somewhere to put some but no-go here in our little subdivision plot...

  10. WOW~ You really had me going there for a minute! I hope all the little hatchlings are doing well.

  11. I just love them, they are sooo cute! HAHA Daisy, I thought that would get you, hee hee! and yes, it is about time spring has come to the UP!

  12. Where did you go Lisa?? I hope all is well. I loved your blog--so inspiring!


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