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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WOW! Has it really...

been twelve days? I have been running around like crazy! This last two weeks has been the city wide garage sale and spring cleaning...I have been digging thru  lot's and lot's of piles and ending up with some great treasures!

In addition I have been readying my garden for planting, cleaning up my yard, helping others get their gardens in...attending church 3 days a week..raising baby ducklings, hatching chicks...and trying to save my cabin from destruction...finishing my garden fencing and re-arranging cold frames...

My yard last week ...did not amount to looked like it did when I first planted it...a mound of dirt with little green things poking up in it


...BUT! 5 days later?

It is really starting to take off and fill in!

 I think this is finally going to be a true cottage garden...I have started a picket fence and have some plans for some bushes to fill it in for year round interest...

I redid the corner had a wheel barrow in it at first but it never did look good to me...

so this is what I did...I dug around in the we were cleaning it out and tearing the ceiling down anyway...and this is what I found to put in this bed..

 I thought these old army boots planted with Hens and Chicks were so fun! The wash tubs are going to be full of some  flowery, colorful goodness and the watering cans too!

 It is starting to fill in quite nicely too! I had no idea I had so many plants in there as it looked so naked at first! The stump is one of my favorite things...I planted roses in front of it and in the top of was filled with ant compost...beautiful black dirt and the rose seems to love it!

I wanted to throw in some tips about lasagna gardening too...I helped some families do this last week and they are still going at it diligently...collecting things and making awesome beds that you do NOT have to roto- til and rarely weed...plants love them! as you can see from just my flower beds!

This is what I do to start a new bed....

Lay down a thick layer of cardboard....lay it right on top of the grass or need to dig up any sod or will smother the weeds and feed the dirt....line it with something you love...landscape timbers...railroad it really wet...another my case I used my chicken bedding...

but you can use anything considered a carbon...straw...leaves...dried grass...anything brown...get it really wet...then a green grass,  freshly mowed...table scraps....manure(fresh)...alfalfa hay...wet it...then a layer of  brown...wet it ...then green...wet it...then brown..wet it...

then can intersperse layers of compost even if it is not fully done...and top it off with a 1/2 inch layer of dirt, compost...aged manure, etc....if you want but you do not have can plant the same day you make the bed...if you are going to do this...separate the layers down to the cardboard and throw in a small amount of dirt or plant the seedling with the potting soil attached to it and you are ready to sit back and watch the biggest vegetables and flowers you have ever seen sprout forth! Your brown layers should be twice as thick as your green layers...but it is not an absolute...I used straw...compost..grass clipping and make mine...I just kept adding a little at a time as I came upon materials...and I planted my artichokes in them 3 days ago...they are VERY happy and I just put the last layer on bed was about 24 inches tall but in about 2 months the cardboard will be gone because worms LUH HUV cardboard and it will have composted down to beautiful black dirt with no can also do this in containers instead of buying potting soil....a little bit of grass clippings or leaves make great mulch...I rarely have to water my gardens...


If you want to start seeds just put an inch layer of dirt on top and flatten it...throw down your seeds and water...

Here is my veggie garden to date...I have Broccoli...Cauliflower...Onions, Radishes...Lettuce, Kohlrabi...Peas...Spinach...Turnips..Beets, Rutabagas and Brussels Sprouts growing already!

I have, in my travels to various sales and piles lately netted some cool garden stuff like this flag pole holder...I put one in the front yard and one as the focal point and trellis in the Potager (Put-a- zhay) Garden....


Egyptian walking onions

 One of the best parts about this garden? I can enjoy it from here...

Even though it is not put back together yet? It is a joy to sit in and it is actually exuding that English Cottage ambiance I have been after...


  1. Awesome! I was telling my father-in-law about lasagna gardening a few weeks ago. He loves growing his veggies! I hope he looks into it because it would be so much easier than the shovel work he does.
    I have never heard of an Egyptian walking onion. Is it sweet?

  2. Hi Donna! I don't know if they are sweet...I just planted seeds because I thought they looked really cool but they smell reeeallly Onion-y! When I get to eat one I will let you know! and Lasagna Gardening is the only way to go! It is wonderful!

  3. Love your gardens!!! I've been doing the Lasagna Gardening for several years now. We have such dense clay that it was th only way to have a real garden here.

  4. Stinky onions! When I was in my early pregnancy, I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath. I drove from my rented house through large onion fields to work. I had such bad morning sickness that I would sometimes have to pull over and barf. Sometimes I would get behind the slow moving tractors filled with onions. There was no way to pass on those little country roads! It amazes me today that I love onions so much after such "onion-y" pregnancy challenges.

  5. Well you certainly have been busy. So many wonderful projects going on around your place and I'm sure the families that you are helping will always remember you - especially the children. HAPPY Gardening!

  6. Nothing short of amazing, girl. Enjoy your bountiful harvest!

  7. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I had gathered quite a few questions for you, but I think you addressed every one of them here. But with our crazy schedule this year it will be next summer for my lasagna garden, but I am pre-planning!! Your garden is amazing!! There is nothing like it at all here in my part of Okie Land, I am hopeful that I will have results half as good as yours!!!


  8. I've been gardening too...I have a traditional garden..mine, a salsa garden. Full of tomatoes pepper, onions and garlic..all the makings for SALSA!

  9. Lisa, You sure have made my day! I love all the new additions to your cottage gardens! The boots or way to cool.
    Thanks for the tutorial I believe I get it now!
    Your cottage living room is so bright and cheerful, like what you did with the dining table!

  10. You've made me into a serious composter! I found a spot that catches the afternoon (very hot) Tunisian sun--does that pile cook! Just waiting for the compost to start the lasagna technique. Love your boots--I could only find a couple pairs of exhausted tennis shoes to plant!


  11. I get so obsessive about my compost pile! LOL! Exhausted tennis shoes work! I bet they are adorable! Hee Hee

  12. OMG your gardens are GORGEOUS!! Please keep us updated on their progress through the year. And thank you so much for the comforting words after the loss of my grandmother :)


  13. I just absolutely love your sitting room with the view of your garden. Soo cool. You are giving me great ideas.


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