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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Drop cloth curtains

After exactly 11 months in this house, I finally have curtains for the living room! That drop cloth I bought got softer and softer after every washing...when I ironed it and starched them...they looked like real linen! I got cheap on the rods! I have future plans of using a dowel with the Onyx door knobs I have been saving...they will look a lot better! but for seven bucks at the dollar store and my need for instant gratification...these will work!

I wish the pictures could do them justice...several people have asked me where I found them...hee hee! the hardware store!  $27.00 whole dollars for a set of drapes...all I did was tear the chair canvas for the slip cover...and sew the raw edge back up and I only had to do it on one side of each panel...whew...we all know what my sewing skills are like! Then I folded over the amount I wanted for the valance, clipped on rings and TA DA...they are hanging!

I really want to find some material for the edges or some kind of fringe or cording to sew around the edges...I need color, of course! but just a little...

After I hung them up I got really excited...I got this for 20 bucks:
It is really, really, really....UGLY but it is an Ethan Allen sofa and has a brand new hide a bed in it with plastic still on the mattress and it is incredibly comfortable and is small! and it suits this room to a T! I am thinking with a slip cover it will be amazing...

Then...I have been saving this table...why? I do not know...I almost gave it away a few is an old drop leaf  and I took the leaves was in the kitchen when I got the was painted a lemon yellow...well, I think it was lemon yellow...with all the grime? don't really know...I washed it but it did no I got out my heat gun and shabbied it up! and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I was going to cut the legs down a bit because it is a rather tall coffee table...but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it tall! sweet, awesome school teacher down the street asked if I wanted this...

THEN...hee other sweet little neighbor who I have since adopted as my sister...brought me these...there are wing chairs!

My Honey made me this mirror...out of the molding upstairs...

My Honey also gave up his gun cabinet...he made it in high school...and it mildewed in I primed the part that was mildewed...and he gave it to me...with a couple shelves and a good paint will be amazing!

So this is what I have for a living room right now...

 The beauteous rug is is in my laundry!

This little gem is my inspiration room....and someday...after everything is painted and unified with slip covers...pillow accents...some art...I will hopefully have a REAL living room....OH! don't forget red floors and a rug...I still need those...


  1. Oh Lisa! this is coming together so nicely. I see it finished in my head. Your sewing skills and your husband's woodworking skills are pretty darn good if you ask me. In your inspiration room I love the white chair with the dark wood. I vote that you stain your chair the same.

  2. Wow - it is coming together so quickly!! It is going to be amazing!! What do you have planned for that sweet little mirror beside the gun cabinet??


  3. Thank you guys! it does look cute in there...and comfy...even with the mismatched everything but all of the furniture fits together now and suits the room...that lil mirror beside the cabinet...don't ya just love it? it was sitting in the alley! I would love to hang it in there too...but all of the beautiful things I find, I just don't have enough room for them...would it go in your house, Hooked? cuz if it would, I will send it to you! Let me know if you want it...I can post bigger pic's of it for with anything...anyone needs something special and I can find it? I will be glad to donate it to any one of you! and Sandi? I think you are absolutely right! I am going to go with the dark stain on all my wood! it just looks so dramatic!

  4. Lisa - you are sooo sweet!!! I love the mirror, but alas my house is stuffed as it is - I am in the thinning down period - quickly approaching the empty nesters syndrome as my youngest is a senior in high school. I bet if you looked you could find the perfect place for the mirror. Your inspiration room is darling - I can really see how it is your inspiration - yours is getting so close.

    AKA hooked

  5. Oh if your house could talk ~ it would say a HUGE thank you & that it fills so much better with your love & care!
    Everything looks AWESOME! :~)
    Thanks for sharing & I'm glad I found your blog. :~)

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Love, love, love the living room and how it's coming together. I vote that you stain the wood on the newly slip covered chair a dark color. I also like the idea of the door knobs on the curtain rods. In fact, I have 2 black onyx knobs that I picked up at an estate sale that I can send you. My idea was to use them at the ends of a painted PVC pipe(1 inch in diameter) as my curtain rod. My husband thought it was a good idea until we figured out that I would have to be REALLY lucky to find 3 more pairs of door knobs, dirt cheap, in order to complete the project on my small budget. Sooooo, they are in my treasure box in the basement waiting to be used.(a.k.a. loved)
    Keep those pics and blogs coming....

  7. You are so sweet Vanessa! I love the black onyx door knobs, I have six sets from all the doors in the this house! I am fortunate no one ever diddled with anything here but I soooooo thank you!
    I...sometimes...don't know what to say...can you imagine me at a loss for words? Hee Hee ALL of you are so kind and I wish you ALL lived next door to me so I could see all of your houses and talk shop with you! Trade treasures...the support you all offer me is just so amazing! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


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