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Friday, November 5, 2010

You people are the best!

I feel like I have been in the Arctic Circle for a month with no communications! To see all your comments and the welcome backs are such a heady combination! I have so much to tell many things to show you...I didn't really want to start back with the garden but I am going to anyways because that is where I left off! I am still loading pictures back on here and will do a full post where we left off and then zoom on to more fun things!
We actually had a land hurricane here last week with 89 mph took out my arbor and shook the daylights out of my little hut...scary! but it is all intact otherwise...I just wish it would have blown that ugly green toaster looking siding off the house! But no...I had to peel every last piece of it off myself
 and that is what I have been doing for the last week
...oh...and stacking wood...10 cords of wood! I cleaned out the basement and stacked 4 in there so I didn't have to dig it out of the snow bank come November...I have to body parts do not work like they used to...well, they work...they just hurt a lot more!

Barb...Barb wrote me an email while I was gone...I want to say to her...You are wonderful...and so loving and I sure needed that...THANK YOU!  I have thought about all of you every day and have missed you...I truly feel that last July...I gained, not only inspiration and encouragement...but a circle of friends with like minds and big hearts...I cannot really express in words how I feel about all of you...but it swells up my chest and chokes me with tears when I try...
I will be working part time this winter...I got a temporary winter job...UGH! BUT I want a new bed so bad I can taste it...AND I want those french doors for my living room...AND...LOL!  a few more things...
I won't be able to post daily but a couple times a week when that starts in December so I hope you will bare  with me over the winter! COME Spring and Summer tho...I am all yours!
Til Tomorrow...



  1. So glad you two and your home made it through the storm okay!
    You have been a busy bee. Hope that part time job works out good, so your dreams can come true. Thanks for all the inspiration you give to us!

  2. Wow! I would have to be promised serious prizes to carry all the wood downstairs. It is a good idea, though. Do u already have your eye on a specific bed? I am looking forward to the progress.

  3. Oh Sandi, I don't want to go back to work for even the winter but I have been spoiled in my life and I like nice things...recycled, repurposed mattresses are just not my deal...BUT! I have a gorgeous Cast Iron bed I dug out of the dirt and it only needs new mattresses! So Donna? I DO! I have my eye on a set of pillow top thickies to put on my frame! I cannot wait to show you all the bed!
    Last year I stacked a neat pile of wood up against the shed but it snowed sooooo much that I was out there with a pick and shovel picking off chunks of a 20 ft icicle..enough for me, I got a chute and stuck it thru the window and let her fly and then all I had to do was stack it in there! If there would of been a prize waiting Donna? I would have stacked more down there! LOL!


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