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Friday, November 12, 2010

I finally finished the living room floor...

 Remember this?

 And this?

You all have gotten me so excited about the living room that I went back in there, moved everything out, washed the walls, took out all the windows...washed them inside and out and got back on the floor....

I scrubbed again...and waxed again...and they came out pretty good except for the runway by the's really dark in color...

They are shiny...and clean looking...and THEN I saw a lady's floor while visiting....she had painted her floors a deep, dark red...OH Man! am I thinking about it now...they were gorgeous! they looked so rich and she said they were easy to maintain...these floors? are not easy to maintain...and we all know how much Lisa likes red....HEE HEE!

ANY comments are welcome! What do you think about deep, rich RED floors? with cottage white slipcovers for the furniture?


  1. The red sounds beautiful - would your friend let you take pictures and post them of her floor? Your floors look absolutely wonderful, but I would not like high maintenance floors either.
    And again - welcome back, we have missed you.

    Hooked on Lisa - Oklahoma

  2. Where would you stop the red? Or would you go into the kitchen and bath?

  3. Hi Lisa,
    So glad you're back. I had all but given up on you when I checked your blog and found you were writing again. What a pleasent suprise!!!!!!
    You have inspired me to try making slip covers for my two wingbacks that have seen better days thanks to my cats. I'll keep you posted on how that turns out. As to the red floors...I think I would need to see a picture before making a decision. All I can visualize is dust bunnies and cat hair settling on the floor and constantly having to vacuum or dustmop to keep it under control. Anyway, that's just my opinion.
    Glad to have you back and looking forward to more of your adventures.

  4. HI! I will try and get a picture of her floors! I would definitely do the kitchen too and stop at the bathroom...after having a painted bathroom floor, I know how easy they are to take care of, much easier than the bare wood! The wood in the kitchen and living room is continuous but the bathroom has a seam where it stops at the kitchen and it really does not look bad...there would be no where to stop in the living room...the cat hair and dust bunnies are horrible on these floors...since they are so old, they have cracks and I tried to fill them with putty but it looks awful...with paint tho, the putty would not show! I am so glad you guys don't think I am crazy! YAAAAY! As always you are supportive and great and have brought a smile to my face! Bless you!

    Vanessa I am so glad you didn't give up on me! and Miss Oklahoma too!

  5. OOOH! and Vanessa...slipcovers seem to be so easy! you will be so glad you did! it's like making puzzle pieces and they are so forgiving you don't have to worry about being perfect! I can't wait to see them!


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