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Monday, November 22, 2010


So...I get home from church yesterday...I settle in my chair to finish the project I am working on...and I get up to go answer the door...and no one is there...

I get back in my chair...knock...knock..knock...knock...maybe it is the back door?  I go one is there.....hmmmm...strange...

I get back in my chair...knock..knock..knock...knock...knock....I ignore it...

Anyways...this goes on for TWO hours!  Finally, I am going to catch those little brats! They are seriously ticking me off! I just know it's the kids down the street...they do this to one of my other neighbors...The next time I hear knocking...I get out my video camera...and slowly..slowly...ease open the front door...I can see no one is at the front thru the they must be at the back...I stick my video camera out the front door and around the corner....


 I have been Ding Dong Ditched before....
 BUT...I have never been Ding Dong DUCKED before!
These are the little brats!  They were knocking on the basement window.... Oh the joy....


  1. How funny, my father-in-laws dog comes over here and if the door is open he sits so calm and then knocks on the screen door to get his piece of bologna. When he see you coming he stands and wags his tail wildly. If you give him a piece he must go home and tell the other three, cause they always show up after he goes home.
    I can be standing on the porch talking to him and if the door is closed he heads home and you can't get him to come back.
    They all give me a terrible look if I try to get them doggy treats.
    My sons little dog comes, I let him in, he runs to the ice box, eats his piece of bologna and then runs to the door, I let him out and home he runs.
    I feel so used. LOL

  2. Haha. We would do this as kids when we lived out in the boonies. But we didn't keep doing the same house. We would spread the joy throughout the neighborhood. Covered a lot of territory.
    Sandi, give up because those dogs own you :). Plus what self-respecting dog would eat a nasty bisquit after you served dog ambrosia.

  3. HAHAHA - sooo funny!! Takes me back to my childhood. We lived on a lake and we all fed the ducks so much they got too "large" to fly south for the winter. If you missed your appointed feeding time - especially in the winter, they would peck on your back door until you came out and fed them. Enjoy your ding dong duckers!!!


  4. My Honey and I laughed at all your stories! They are so great! Dog Ambrosia! HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA! I guess Bologna is dog ambrosia! and yes,Sandi, Donna is absolutely right... the dogs sooooo own you!
    Don't ya miss pranking the crabby neighbors? I wonder what they do to adults that Ding Dong Ditch....??? LOL I just love ducks...they are so rooster has been crowing at 10pm every night...what is up with that?


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