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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doo Dads...

I finished up a lot of detail stuff for my living room, I would like to have all of that stuff done so I can paint the floors...I have been using my living room as a paint room, warehouse and general "I need space to work" room...when I finished the cover for Miss 1982 , I tried different arrangements with all the stuff...and I also finished a few details in the kitchen...

I found these at St. Vincents thrift store for 25 cents! Remember when I was dreaming about the corner shelves?  They are not as big as I wanted them to be but being a beggar... and not a chooser, I took 'em! they were painted  oil based dark blue and were attached to metal shelving brackets...they were 25 cents cuz they were that ugly! What would I do without spray paint and sandpaper?

My friend also gave me this burlap sack...I stuck it in a frame and didn't bother to put the glass in it or line it is an experiment...but it sure fills up that big blank space in back of the stove for now!

Last my travels I spied a curb pile...I picked up an old treadle sewing machine cabinet...the drawers were gone and it was in pretty rough shape but the base was beautiful...I carried it around in the car for two weeks and one day...I stopped by a flea market downtown and went in to peruse....I got to talking to a guy at one of the booths and asked him about the machine...he was really interested...he went to see it and when he came back in he asked what I wanted for it...well..."I will trade you for that little cabinet over there" I said...and he said "SOLD"!

I happily walked out of that market! a couple of days ago...looking through Miss Mustard Seed's blog and drooling all over myself...I decided to try her painting techniques with my new Wythe blue paint...but always?

What is it with me having to take all the finish off of everything first?

I wish my camera were nice enough to capture the detail on this cabinet and what the paint technique has done for it..but alas...again...I am a beggar...not a is really, really pretty in has little metal feet...I painted them red...hee hee!

Meanwhile...I already had the heat gun out...and there was the oval mirror found in the alley in all it's mildewed glory...

I promptly took it apart...

It had stuffing in it...too protect the mirror, I suppose! but the only damage to the mirror? is where the stuffing rubbed holes in it...go figure...

I was over at another blog I frequent called Vintage Revivals...fantastic lady! She had done some acid wash mirrors for her Daughters room and they are just incredible...she got the idea from Anthropologie's acid wash mirrors for $690 something dollars...and decided to try her hand at making her own for much less...

 These are the Anthropologie mirrors...

These are Vintage Revivals mirrors...I think they are just amazing and this summer I am going to treat my oval mirror to this process...she put fabric on the back so it shows thru the mirror!

And here is my oval alley mirror...

I painted it with the Wythe Blue and then washed it with really thin black is not as cool as Vintage Revivals...she glazed hers...I can't afford glaze...but it really brought out the details in the mirror and added an antique "old" paint finish look to it...I just love it...I finished it up with a chain I ripped off a plastic sign when I was cleaning out the house...this blue just looks awesome with my white walls and with red accents...

Remember the "weed" boxes in the living room post? well...I had to do something with them...they had such neat detail but were orange and brown...

I have tried several paint techniques favorite? white primer...yes..white primer..any kind...with two coats of brown paste wax on gives the most soft, creamy aged look to things......and it's inexpensive...AND it's easy to get off if you don't like it! Hot Ammonia water takes it right off of anything! other best friend...Ammonia...

This window was destined for the was in an old screen door that was in terrible shape...but the window itself? awesome...

It is destined to become my new door on my bookshelves slash china cabinet...

Well, there you have it...projects lined up ready to be done! and that is what I was doing before Miss 1982 corrupted my whole existence....


  1. Wow! You CAN see the blue in the last pic and it such a neat contrast. I love it.

    I am new to your blog - and when you mentioned that someone had made a new home in the chair I didn't know who it was [last post] Now I see! Cute.

  2. Nice! I'm totally inspired. Everything looks beautiful :)

  3. Wow, Lisa! You have been busy! I absolutely love the "weed box". And that cabinet looks great. The screen door is something I would definitely have picked up myself. You are rockin' it, girl!

  4. Skippy Mom? Louis is my cat! I forget sometimes people don't know the reigning king of my house! He is the post titled for so Tired...I fed him with a bottle for 5 weeks every two hours as he was only about 6 days old when he came into my life...he has since grown in the last few months to be a very coddled, very loved kitty! and every new thing I get..or make or re do? He seems to have a need to take it over immediately! lol!

    I like my new "stuff"...but without the floors, curtains and what not it is not exactly great...but it should be! well, it is in my head anyways! hee hee!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    I'm loving that little cabinet painted Wythe Blue. I went to my nearest BM paint store (in Kansas) picked up a paint chip, traveled back to MO and had my freindly Lowe's store color match a quart for half the price of what they charge at the BM store. Anyway....everything in my home is being painted Wythe Blue. A beautiful neutral color blue, just amazing.

    Lisa, you certainly have come along way since you started this blog. There were times when I thought you were crazy to take on such a huge project but then in the next blog I would read about your success, see the pictures and think yep, she can do it. You're an inspiration to all of us.
    Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to "ride along" on this journey.
    Take care,
    P.S. Are the legs on Miss 1982 Wythe Blue, too ???

  6. Oh Vanessa, I have sometimes thought I was crazy too...but I have never felt so at home in a place as I do in this hut...I have never wanted something so bad as to make this little, dilapidated house into something that was a joy instead of the neighborhood eyesore...I hope I succeed...I have so much to do but it has become a way of life for me and I just love it!
    I am so incredibly happy that Wythe blue has become your blue too! Is it not the most beautiful, soft, soothing color? I cannot express how ecstatic I am that someone else decided to try it and it worked for them too! I searched for so long for a blue that would just go with everything and this one does!
    Yes, the ugly brown legs of Miss 1982 are covered in Wythe blue...a very thin coat just to "try" it out...I don't think they will stay blue but they are waaaay better than the brown finish!
    Thank you for your kind words Vanessa! and your support, the faith you have in me means the world!

  7. I love all the projects!! The blue takes me to my childhood home in Mississippi - such a "southern" color!! I must say I absolutely LOVE the weed box - the after that is! I might have to go pick up some antiquing paste and find something to try it on. The house is coming together amazingly, I cannot believe how well you see the beauty in everything - your vision is extraordinary - as must be your energy level.

  8. The weed boxes are a wonderful touch! :)


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