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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I thought about Valentine's Day...I have always been so unromantic...I mean, give me flowers? as soon as you turn around, they are ripped out of the vase and hung upside down to I looked around my hut to find a spot where maybe I have included some romance in my decorating endeavors...There is one! ONE....but it is a start at least! Hee Hee

I have been coveting this little was in this house. The fabric on it is really neat but it is very threadbare and chewed up...I have been seeing the "grain sack" covers, pillows, wall hangings...everywhere! They are all the rage...

Well, I jumped on the bandwagon for the moment...Marian, over at Miss Mustard Seed is an artist and she paints beautifully...she had made a slip cover for an ottoman and hand painted the grain sack stripes on hers with acrylic paints...I didn't have acrylic this is what I used...

Yep..model paint...I couldn't lose...I mean, after all, I wasn't out anything, it was a scrap of drop cloth left over from Miss 1982! and I didn't have to buy anything...

I got out another scrap and practiced...

I have never painted anything and I am not an adept artist but I had so much fun doing this I definitely want to do it again! and with practice? who knows what could happen!

I taped off an area on my scrap to make grain sack lines...I know Frog tape is all the rage...but all I had was this old, hairy, linty masking tape....

I got out the little paint brush and painted my model paint into the lines between my hairy tape...I wasn't was an experiment, right? Well, the model paint did well! it didn't bleed thru the fabric and it went on easily...

It even looked faded and old...just like a grain sack!

And then the fun part...the letters...My L and My Honey's R...

They are very remedial...but it was so much fun!

This cover from practice to cover took about 25 could whip up a pillow for Valentine's Day for your Honey and yourself in nothing flat today...and it was nice to know I had ONE romantic bone in my body....


  1. nice idea and very sweet little foot stool! sort of reminds me of the red striped tea towels we used in the kitchen when I was a little girl.

  2. Very nice! Happy Valentine to everyone!

  3. I will say it again - that is talent! I love it and yes, very romantic. :) Such a heirloom to keep.

    Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day [and I get the whole drying the flowers thing. I just forget. giggle]

  4. Cute! You're one crafty momma!

  5. Feel that big ole hug, Lisa? It's your house, thanking you for the love & nurturing you've brought to it. No telling how many years it's been longing for some lovin'. It's wishing you a Happy Valentines Day, too!
    Ellen in VA.

  6. Hi Lisa! I just found your blog from your link on RMS the other day, I am so impressed with all you have done for your home. Your creativity is amazing. Looking forward to reading more!
    Carole aka Cargol on RMS

  7. Oh Carol! I am so happy you decided to join us! Welcome! I look forward to seeing you and getting to know you too! HUGS!

  8. Ellen? that hug felt so good! Thank you! and boy did it need some lovin'...hee hee!

  9. Lisa - I just saw that you entered the MMS contest. (Thanks for sharing her blog by the way). Best of luck!! I have already envisioned how you will use the prize pack!! Again I am inspired by your creativity.

  10. Thanks Hooked, can't hurt right? I used all her ideas! but it is highly doubtful that prize pack will be any where's close to mine but it sure is fun! Thank you for the lucks! and isn't her site wonderful?

  11. Hi Lisa! You've just been awarded the stylish blogger award!! Please visit for more details :D!


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