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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snow Snow Go Away...come back...

in ooooh....say...three years? Can you tell I am sick of winter? I am tired of seeing this...

And this...

I want some more of this...

It's time to dig out the seeds!


  1. I'm with you!!!! Ours is starting to melt with the warmer weather we've had the past 3 days but I WANT IT GONE!

  2. My poor hubby has been under someones house for the last week fixing pipes. I was sitting on the back porch at 4:00 loving the 72 degree weather by midnight it was -17 wind chill. We only got ice here, but all three of our parents homes froze and pipes busted. Everything is sold out or standing room only. Two are fixed now, but one is temporary fixed with auto parts.:) We are just not use to this. I don't know how you guys stand it!! Hoping for that early spring.

  3. It's coming soon, I promise! Hang in there!

  4. Hi Lisa,
    The plan was to move back to the Petoskey area someday but the winter here in KC has broken me of that idea. Now I want to be where I can have a lovely garden year round and not have to shovel another flake of snow. Let the snow be gone....
    Stay warm,

  5. Oh, I do not miss it. I had a beautiful sunny morning here in Seattle. But, as usual, it is cloudy again. I think I like the rainy, 48 degree winters here better than the cloudless, bone chilling winters in MN.
    Hey, I didn't have time to post for a few days. The curtains are beautiful. I would make a cup of cocoa, put the cat on my lap and just stare out the window. I hope you find the time to sit and enjoy it!

  6. In nine hours your pretty house hit front page with 649 viewers rated 4.2! WOW looks like everyone loves your home!

  7. Lisa - I feel your pain!!! I think we have had more snow this year than in any of the 16 years we have lived in Oklahoma. Thanks to all the snow days my poor daughter may not graduate until July if this keeps going!! lol

  8. It is so nice to know everyone else has spring fever! We spent a few evenings insulating peoples houses this winter... frozen pipes are awful! I hope your hubby recovered! Is there anything worse than being UNDER the house in that weather? But Auto Parts? that is genius!lol!
    Congragulations Hooked for a graduating Daughter! I do hope she gets to do it before July! Poor thing!

    Donna? I have spent a day or two already with the cat looking out the window...I think that is what spurred this post! lol!! I am just so tickled everyone liked it! Thank you for being so vigilant in your support!



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