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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hee Hee! Cottage Drapery...

HEE HEE! That is what I think every time I walk into my living room.....

Well...I was supposed to get a package deliverd UPS last week...and it didn't I got on the net and tracked the end of the business day...I had Monday off..and I know the UPS man...he is really thought he would cut me some slack and come early....Nope...5:01p.m...he shows up..stops...I rush to the front door...and he zooms away...Hmmmm...that dirty, wrotten..I just shoveled the front walk for him!

I run to the back door... to chase him down...throw my boots on...throw the door open...and promptly trip over the box he had put there...and landed in the knows...I don't use the front door to the house...I guess he did too...don'tcha think he would know how BADLY I wanted that package early? Oh well..I will wait til next day off...

Today...I got up, didn't even bother to put clothes on...I stayed in my jammies all day!   In that package was 8 yards of material for my living room took me FOREVER to find the fabric....I sent for swatch after swatch...everything was either too dark or had the wrong background the end? it wasn't me that picked it was my Honey...he made an "executive decision" according to him...the only request I had was that it was toile or something akin to toile...oh...and the had to be under $5.00 a yard.  I ordered it from$3.98 a yard! and anything over $35.00 is free shipping! I ordered some large crochet hooks from them too but my draperies cost me a whole $32.00 bucks! They are great! and I will definitely order from them again, they have awesome deals!

This is the fabric he picked out..
  I think his executive decision was based on the scene of the little boy playing fetch with his dog...

These are the hardest curtains I have ever done...we all know what Lisa's measuring skills are like...and these are lined...I spent 8 hours measuring and measuring again before I could bring myself to cut one inch of this fabric! I think Miss 1982 scared the heck outta me...

I, again, turned to Miss Mustard Seed for guidance...she has a drapery tutorial and how to line them with sheets...                        

and..well, my neighbor just dropped off an entire garbage bag full of sheets and pillow cases! I had a hard time using them for lining...they are the old ones...the thick, nice, lot's of thread count kind...

I used every inch of that material...there is not one tiny scrap of it left...and I used all but a small portion of my matching thread...

but my cottage drapes? They make me smile...

Toile  Drapes

The floor is crooked, not my drapes....;)

Found and Recycled items


  1. Gorgeous! I love toile. And I like the color.

    Nicely Done Lisa! YAY!

  2. Great choice! They look perfect for your room!

  3. If that's not the perfect match for that room. Your skills are amazing. You've got a great sense of vision, Lisa.
    I guess you've got that UPS guy trained, huh? ;0)

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Love, love, love your drapes !!!!!
    The toile is the perfect touch for your cottage living room. They really make the room look cozy, welcoming and show off that stunning window. You're certainly on a roll now, soon the entire house will be complete. What will you do then??? (ha ha)
    Take care and stay warm,

  5. Love the drapes!!! Toile is one of my favorites and your honey's choice was perfect!! It really changed the looks of your living room - I love it!!!

  6. The curtains look great! And I love the wing chair and covered stool. You did a wonderful job!

  7. I love it all! The curtains are beautiful and so is the ruffled chair. I love the oval mirror too!

  8. You really have a great eye for design details, Lisa. Your little farm house is quickly becoming a "charm house!" So fun to watch your progress.

  9. I am sitting here wondering what to say to you all...I am moved...moved beyond words...can you believe that is a possibility for me? the biggest blabber mouth in the world?

    Since I put my little hut on Rate My Space...I have waited with trepidation...maybe intimidation...for all to ridicule me for taking on this project...I just realized what relief I find in your comments...and great happiness...that you all want to share my woes, my trials...tribulations...successes...I am stumbling thru this and you all are out there waiting for me, cheering me...

    GOOD GOD! you all say the nicest things! this blog is a continuing source of excitement for me, who knew it would affect me so? AND...AND! to be able to consort with all of you? is a life altering experience. I feel like I have another family...thank you all...JUST THANK YOU!

    P.S.. THE Miss Mustard Seed commented on our blog...I am dumbfounded...

  10. they look so pretty in your home. I can't quite tell from the photo if you made pinch pleats or a pocket top. I'm so impressed that you lined them. They look like custom drapes - really gorgeous! I appreciate your comment on my blog, but I think you are very humble with regard to your sewing skills - the slipcovered chair in the photo and your draperies are evidence to the contrary! I know how to sew, but don't have a sewing machine, just use a hand needle and thread. I'd love to try some window treatments, but haven't visualized it yet. Looking forward to see what you do next! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S. X 3!

    Seriously, these drapes make the entire room make sense! Your Honey's choice brought the very necessary shade & 'fade' of red to the space. The 'favorite blue' & red work so cohesively, one would now be absolutely 'lost' without the other! (I'd never have known it had I not seen them together. Now, they must never be parted.)

    I'm taken with the white frames here behind the chair and wouldn't add pictures to them. They add an interesting & organic texture without adding a competing color or graphic. I can visualize a wispy, willowy, unadorned wreath somewhere in this setting, too, but then again, this is YOUR design, not mine. :)

    Can't wait to see where you take us next!
    Ellen in VA

  12. There's the red. I just love the blue and red together. Did I tell you I have red,blue,and gray carpet in my home? Just love coming here and being surprised. Can't wait for this to hit top rated over on rms.


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