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Thursday, July 22, 2010

600 dollar throw away house...

I have been in my house for seven and a half months now! As I mentioned earlier, I started with the outside. Since the weather was holding I wanted to get some of it cleaned up and ready for spring, I had to plan a garden, you know! There were some stipulations when I bought the house and an agreement with the city that I could keep all of the buildings on the property except for the garage, it had to be torn down as it was condemned. Actually all the buildings were condemned but a threat, again, with the historical value of the others saved them from demolition. It was jam packed full of stuff and had sunk into the ground so it was hard to stand up in there. I began the process of carting everything out, sorting it and throwing the junk in the trailer. Everything we were going to keep went under a tarp. The metal and car parts went to the salvage yard. It was a relief to clean out that building but I mourn the loss of it. It had character and would have made one heck of a goat barn!;)After we cleaned it out, it had to come down. The siding and roofing materials were saved because building materials are expensive, the doors were way awesome with their old hinges and we didn't know if we would be able to use any of it on the other buildings. When I had most of the siding off, I got a lil nervous! The building wasn't stable anymore so we hooked a chain around the support posts, to the bumper of the truck... and drove away. Well, tried to drive away! The building held and that is a testament to how they used to build things. It finally gave in with a little coaxing with a sledge hammer. I burned the splintered broken wood we couldn't save and what was left of the little garage. It was quite a mess! The promise to the city met, on to more fun things!

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