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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Land of the FREE!

I am sorry the post for today is so late! The internet service has been down since yesterday evening, I guess that is common in the Midwest...:(

BUT! I had to share with you all what I did today! We went over to a family members house because he said he was tearing down an old shed and maybe we would like to see what was in there before he took it to the dump? Why...uh.. Yes, I would....are ya nuts? I love digging through other peoples "stuff" is what was in the "shed"...
Yep, that is one twin antique iron bed! I think it would make perfect gates for the arbors! What do you think?

One brand new tablesaw...with tags still 10 inch chop saw, an antique bookshelf, a complete set of scaffolding (to take my nasty green toaster looking siding off and redo the roof...yes toaster, that is what one lady said to me when she found out I was the one who bought this house..."oh...isn't that the green house that looks like a toaster?") antique rakes, pick axes, rolls of fencing, new rolls of insulation, outside lights (still in the box), is the kicker! THE SHED itself!

Now...they all looked at me like I had two heads when I asked them for the shed...but they agreed to pick it up with the loader, put it on a trailer and deliver it to my shed-less yard! WHAT A DEAL!

My Honey's GrandDad built that shed over 80 years ago...there are ten children in that family. They have all played in it, stored things in it and they all have stories to tell about it...can't let them tear it down. It is in immaculate condition.

When I got home, I was gliding on air, doing the hula all over, felt like I had just won the lottery! It was an absolutely beautiful was still beautiful even after I found out what my "girls" have done to my lettuce...they played innocent, but I knew it was them...

I haven't shown my front yard at all...It was prolly the worst part of the yard in total...There was nothing but compacted dirt and crabgrass when I got the house...I did some raised mulched beds and lined them with broken concrete from an old sidewalk I had taken out on the side of the house. Up until about a week ago, they looked like a big brown pile of sawdust with a few green things sticking out the top...but today, I don't know if it was the SHED feeling still upon me? But I think it is actually starting to look pretty...

I have been working, working, working on my kitchen to get it done...I will be posting before and after pic's soon!
My "girls"....lettuce eaters...hmmmph!


  1. Thanks! When I scolded them, they turned around and told me off! lol!


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