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Friday, July 23, 2010

Free, repurposed and recycled items from garage


I wanted to do a quick follow up on some of the items we found, recycled, and repurposed in the garage.

The biggest find was the air compressor. I didn't realize the potential of this tool but my wonderful, smart and resourceful guy did! There was a beautiful set of welding torches complete with bottles and cart. Five enamel ware bowls which I absolutely love, along with about 200 mason jars. Hee Hee, canning world and free from Walmart Grocery, HERE I COME! Buckets and buckets of tools, rakes, shovels, and one running snowmobile! Dishes, old ones, some made right here in my town...wash tubs (make great vintage planters), romex wire, new switches, plug ins, plumbing parts....there was an incredible amount of treasure in there! If I had to guess the cost to buy all of what was in there, I would estimate somewhere around $5000.00, if you bought it all used and were really a bargain hunter. Some of it really helped in fees to the tool rental place because for the plumbing and electrical to the house, we had to cut a hole in the foundation.

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  1. I never EVER get tired of reading you blog! Did I somehow miss this incredible gold mine of a shed story?
    What a haul! huh?

    Hope you're doing well. I bet your busy this time of year? Can't wait to see the paint job on the place and all the work you've gotten done.


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