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Saturday, July 24, 2010 to choose a white paint...?????

When figuring out a color scheme for this house, I really had no idea where to begin. I kind of knew what I liked. I love the Original Shabby Chic, not the Victorian Chic where every room is stuffed full of roses and what not, but the spartan, clean, crisp look of white rooms with vintage furniture. I really thought it would suit this house as well as show off all the wonderful things I found in it. Well, off to Walmart I went...and then I came right back...white...hmmmm...isn't white just white? NOPE! There are a myriad of different white paints. Blue white, yellow white, grayish white, antique white, warm white. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! That's what I felt like. So I got on the net and researched what it was that people were calling Shabby Chic white...I read several articles...they told me....absolutely nothing! Creamy white paint...what in the world is creamy white paint? Back to walmart....I looked at the selection of Kilz brand paint chips...I decided that the closest thing to understanding creamy white was a "warm white". I liked the softness and when I compared it to other colors I like, namely red, it looked really good together. Cashmere white for the walls is what I went home with along with Ultra Bright White for my trim. Luckily it turned out o.k...I know alot of people comment on the fact that it is just paint and it is a cheap and easy fix but my personal understanding of "cheap and easy" is 10 bucks...not a 100! The 50 dollars in paint for me was a two week long ordeal of scrimping and saving for these cans of paint.

I finally have netted cupboards for my kithen...another neighbor was cleaning out her art room. She came over and asked if I was still looking for cupboards. YES! they are the same era as my house! and they needed paint! Back to Walmart? Nope...uh no, NO WAY!I went to the Cash Liquidators store because last week in my hunt for dish rags, I saw that they had a new shipment of paint there stock is ever changing and they may have paint one week and never get it again...I looked thru the selection and found two WHITE primer and the other? A can of Martha Stewart semi what? WHITE! no "Sit on the Sand" "Florida Beach" white, nope, nothing more confusing that just plain old WHITE! Imagine how fast I skipped out of that store in absolute relief that I would not have to choose anything as confusing as white paint again! another bonus to this venture is that two cans of paint WITHOUT the confusion and 4 roller pads cost me a total of 14 bucks!

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