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Friday, April 29, 2011


HEY ALL! My absolute hero...and my first blog experience....Phelan...from A Homesteading Neophyte asked me to guest post on her new blog Girls Gone Trashy!  I was absolutely flabbergasted...when I was out on my truck wishing away for a piece of dirt to call my own...I was feverishly looking up canning articles to refresh my memory...well, one such article about canning  referred back to a "blog"...I had no idea at that time what one even was!  My first glimpse at what a blog was...was a picture...of a "person"....sitting on a will have to go look at her banner...I the time...the picture was labeled..."does this goat make my butt look big?" I was hooked...

Ever since the day I found this Neophyte? I have faithfully read anything and everything Phelan has written...

She is a self proclaimed "death metal homesteading chick"...super liberal...Mom of three boys...wife of 13 years... and homesteader for 10 years...there is no stone left unturned by Phelan...she has no fear of trying...and she also has no fear in telling you like it fuzzy red balloons...just the facts... and one of the things that I love most about her and her blog? Her interpretations... her forthright...nitty gritty...down to Earth HONESTY...

She has...for the last 5 years...let America see EXACTLY what it is like to live the life...

Imagine my surprise when THE Neophyte showed up here and commented...and then? THEN? she asked me to post on her new blog? My eyeballs bugged outta my head! I wrote about my fencing...I think...on a homestead...fencing is the number one expense issue...especially if you have a large property...

Go check out Girls Gone Trashy and  A Homesteading Neophyte  Super fun sites with amazing homesteading ideas and anything and everything about how to do it!


  1. nope not super liberal. I was raised in a Marxist home (still have my Mao's little red book) But am now a Libertarian.

    I am flattered, really Lisa. You sure can make a gal blush.

    I love what you are doing, I admire your grit and stick-to-it-ness. Thank you for your wonderful post on GgT.

    and I do have fuzzy bunnies :D

  2. Well done Lisa!

  3. Phe is a huge fav'! One of my dearest Tadpoles. I am almost sure I found you through her comments. So glad to have you both as friends. :)

    And that pic' is still one of the best headers I have seen on a blog. Never fails to bring a smile and a chuckle. :)

  4. I read your post on Girls Gone Trashy and loved it. I so want a fence like that but the park owners say no. I need to buy the house next to yours so I can have me a little urban homestead. ;)

  5. Congratulations! Not surprised she picked you - you're awesome : ) Heading over there now....

  6. Hi Lisa - i´m just stopping by to tell you that I gave you the Liebster award, hope thats ok :)



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