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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Progress...AND A WELCOME!


 Before I update you all on the kitchen? I want to welcome all our new folks to The Dilletante Proprietor! I never October 2009... when I decided to put this decrepit house on Rate My Space... how much support I would receive in doing this endeavor....your comments...your insights? They are crucial and inspirational to my stumble in learning how to decorate, find, use, re-use, recycle and make my home into something I love! My Ladies that have been with me from the very beginning have become my closest friends...they know that I am a tight wad... cheap...will try to do anything... I am a short, crazy haired nut that just loves to decorate by spending nothing or almost nothing....and that I am a clean freak...even though I bought the dirtiest house in America...

What you have to say and your opinions mean everything to me! afterall? what is cheaper than free advice? Hee Hee! and I have gotten loads of excellent, meaningful advice on this blog! as well as new knowledge, know how and new skills from reading all of YOUR blogs! I hear that I inspire some and I want you all to know you greatly inspire ME!

On to the kitchen! As Sandi noted in her comment...there are some new changes in the kitchen as well as the cottage plank walls (soon to come!)...and there were some questions as to why take the drywall down?  Here is a little of the damage...not terribly noticeable but it drove me nuts! It was water damage from the roof leaking and who knew what damage was sustained underneath the drywall...not to mention...I HAVE ELECTRICITY!  Real plugins...light SWITCHES....not pull cords or extension cords...or unplugging the coffee pot to plug in the microwave...THAT was the kicker to me braving that BLUE PAPERRRRR....RRR!

When we got the house, anything beyond basic electricity was not an option...terribly expensive and we would have to literally take down walls to take out the old post and tube and rewire it...when that drywall came off? I could very carefully pry two of the three layers of planks off to allow access for wire! We have collected Romex, switches, plugins, etc from curb boxes...friends...relatives...and saved them all...the additional cost to rewire my entire kitchen? $40 bucks! Since electricity scares the crap outta me, I splurged for a brand new roll of wire...

I am so glad this part is over...

I love my cupboards...they are old, fit the era of my kitchen to perfection...The small one is very tall...and the other very had another section to it (you can see that here) but it was enormous and would not allow for space under the countertop that was non existent at the time... but in the plans! I had to guess where to hang them...well, since they came off the wall to remove the dry wall and blue paper...we could again...hang them anywhere we wanted! I chose to put the smaller cupboard all the way to the ceiling this time... to allow for space between it and the countertop...

Look at that snow white ceiling!
The space between it and the ceiling with them hung the old way? was just enough to irritate you...nothing would fit up there and the things that did could only see half of...not to mention the webs and dust that had collected up there? EWWWW!

The large cabinet we hung in the exact same was perfect where it was..with one exception...the space between it and the was my solution...about a year ago, while perusing blogs for ideas...(I didn't even have cabinets then)...I came across a blog called The Lettered Cottage...they had taken builder grade cabinets and made them incredibly special by adding some plywood and molding...

Guess what? I have pallets! They have plywood on them!  I have moulding!  My Honey thought I had lost my mind...he couldn't see it at all...but he, being the sweetest cupboard door maker in the world? Just did it anyway...he really likes it now...

I still have to add the little moulding and paint them...but it gives the cabinet great perspective and it really matches the other one in height now!

Pssst...I have a complete wall done...

The sun that shines off the kitchen walls now is wonderful! The texture is delightful...and  the vintage look is, love LUH HUV IT!  The planks have actually made my kitchen look bigger and taller!


  1. just found your blog yesterday & I'm STILL trying to peel my jaw up off of the totally rock.

  2. WELL! THANK YOU! you are so funny! you totally brought a very large grin to my face!

  3. I love it! What a splendid job you are doing :) Huge transformation & huge impact!

  4. I love what you did with the cabinets. We bought a new house (I know, what were we thinking) and the cabinets have a small space between them and the ceiling. I hate that space. Hubby loves to put things up there to "store" them. He can reach them but I have to get my little stepstool out. I really want to raise the upper cabinets and put a shelf underneath to store spices and such. I saw that in a magazine once and really liked it. Love the white wood walls too!

  5. Outstanding, as usual, Lisa! Rock on, girl!

  6. It's looking great! electricity rocks!

  7. It is so exciting watching this transformation. I wasn't sure if all the hard work was going to be worth it. But I was wrong, it is so vintage. I'm so glad you have the plug ins and switches now. It will make life so much easier for sure.
    Love the changes so for and can't wait till the next post.
    You are putting me to shame.

  8. Lisa, I SO appreciate the work your doing on your home. Such hard work - but so worth it!
    Time, time, time. Glad you like the stairs!
    Good luck to you! xo jeanne.

  9. Lisa - I love the cabinets!! I had seen a similar blog to the lettered cottage and sooo wanted to do that to my cabinets but my kitchen ceiling is vaulted and it would not work.(sigh)
    Your Honey is amazing - all the work he, too, has put into your home. And I looove the plank walls. What a difference it makes!!
    I cannot believe you tackled electricity - I am beyond impressed. I was terrified just switching out a light fixture. I had my youngest daughter beside me while I was on a ladder - she was reading the step by step from a blog and had the phone with 9 and 1 already entered - just in case.
    And I should mention I had no idea there were home improvement, decorating - DIY - blogs until you mentioned Miss Mustard Seed on your blog. Wow - what a world you have opened up for me.
    So again thank you for your inspiration and information. Oh and I will pass on the 50 bags of used wall paper, but I will gladly take you up on the offer to drive to Oklahoma!!!!


  10. I am so glad you all like it!
    Hooked? I would never send you blue! My Honey is amazing, he is right there with me on everything! even if he thinks I a little tetched in the head sometimes! He yelled last night "hole in one!" I am getting good at this! cuz he was fishing wire thru the wall and it went right into the box! He has also learned an amazing amount...and is willing to learn anything...electricity is scary, the first time we put a plug in in the wall, it made a huge POP noise and blew the breaker, scared the heck outta both of us, we found that metal boxes are not the way to go with the new Romex! it was shorting on the metal...I, of course, ran for the living room...waiting for something to explode but it didn't, lol! Wiring a house is not as hard as it looks, just time consuming because you really want to be safe, especially in a tinder box like this one.
    New blogs, aren't they awesome? I have learned so much from others, knowledge truly is power and it is absolutely incredible that all of them want to share info with all of us!

    Sandi? there is no shame, doing all this is hard work and it is very time consuming! Each of us have an enormous amount in our lives and it is amazing that we even find time for decorating much less the gazillion other things we tend to all day!
    Thank you Poindexter! My lady with lingerie for her furniture, I still love that chair and am on the lookout for one to put "undies" on! lol

  11. Nice jog Lisa, the cabinets look great!


  12. Oh my gosh! I'm finally caught up! Have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I've been wondering - living in Michigan, you must have insulation in the walls? I haven't seen any in your photos but I can't imagine living in that climate without it.

    Your cottage is charming and if I hadn't seen the "before" photos I would never have thought that was the same house!

    I eagerly await your further posts!

    Kathy in Oregon

  13. Wow, your house is looking great. What an amazing accomplishment. I just love the plank walls and am considering them for our bedroom. I can't wait to see more, thanks for sharing!

  14. I am new to your blog, but have been enjoying reading it immensely! I am in awe at your energy & ideas!! Keep up the great are doing a pawsome job!

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena's Mom

  15. The planks are wonderful and charming, mine are not new by any means and they have flaws (nail holes, knot holes, cracks all over them but I think it adds to the charm...shabby, I suppose! LOL

    I have 3 inches of blown in insulation in all my walls! and I have insulated the roof and walls upstairs with rolled insulation...when I took out the closets, we will be further insulating the roof when we tear it off this summer! You can never have enough up here! Luckily, the people that had the house previously, insulated the daylights out of it! It is so well insulated that I have not had to light a fire for 20 hours at a time lately and the nights and mornings are still below freezing.

  16. I can't believe all the hard work you guys are doing! Boy does it look good. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  17. Lisa,
    You are so creative and resourceful! And so comical, too. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE reading your blog. Congrats on being "featured", too. Keep up the good work. Love, Aunt Chris


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