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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yacking at the neighbors...

I noticed yesterday...that my neighbor to the North was doing a huge amount of work to his house...not cosmetic  repairs...but insulation, roofing, windows, doors...and being the nosy inquisitive sort that I am? I went to talk to him....I found out some amazing information...he and his wife had gotten on a list in our county for FREE weatherization....I asked him if it was a Welfare program...nope...they are far above the parameters for public assistance...they both work and make decent money...

I immediately called up one of the City Officials...and he referred me to a gentleman that could answer all my questions...

It seems that our Government...has set to work in 96% of America's counties with a program called Community Action...under The Recovery Act...this program? designates funds for home weatherization (insulation, windows, efficient refrigerators, hot water heaters) ...fuel for heat (wood, fuel oil, propane, gas)...and Rehabilitation (roofing, siding, foundations, electrical...)

There are a lot of programs...mostly for the, heat and electrical assistance...but this weatherization? sets the income levels to apply at approximately $48,000 a year for a family of four... It is our President's effort in creating fuel efficiency...and leaning towards a greener planet...

I must admit...I am ignorant of other states...folks' people live...but for here? $48,000 a year for a family of four? set's you up into the "upper middle class" category...and you would probably live in one of the nicest homes in town...

I went and talked with my other neighbors...this Agency? helped them buy their house...they have a program that will match you dollar for dollar for 12 months...every dollar you save? they will match it towards a down payment (there is a limit but that is the limit for my specific county)...

The rehabilitation of a home includes several enormous undertakings such as foundation repair, updating electrical, replacing a roof...they place a 100% deferred, 0% interest mortgage on your house... you can pay it back a little at a time or a lot, depending on what you want to do...but it is never due  unless you sell your house...

For all that are renting? this is worth a look...

I am providing the information for my county if you are interested...Community might help lead you to your own can't beat free...and my Community Action representative? said that in my county, enough money was designated for every house here! it is not just for the needy...

If someone could help you buy a home...and then help you weatherize it and fix it up? it would beat renting every time! For some...this program might mean the difference between being a renter and a homeowner...or sleeping with a pan on your head to catch the rain drops...

My hope for to be their own Dilletante Proprietor...and this economy has made a lot of proprietor's and hopeful proprietor's....homeless...I think about all the single ladies out there with kids...and men  that have lost their jobs... and I think there is still a way to live the American Dream...and I will never stop searching for it...


  1. Great post with good information. I hope people will look into signing up for these programs. We're on social security and will be needing to replace our roof in the near future. I'm going to look into getting help with it. Thanks again for the information.

  2. Oh Granny! I sure hope so! You are pretty much guaranteed a new roof! it is so hard sometimes with prices the way they are to be able to procure things like roofing...if you need ANY help finding resoures, please email me and I will do my best to find them!

  3. this is very interesting information...we live in an old (old) drafty house with old drafty windows, sagging porches, etc...wondering if this is available in PA? thanks for the tip!

    stuff and nonsense

  4. YES they do Alison! they serve all 67 counties with weatherization and rehab! HEE HEE I am so very excited that this helps!

  5. This is fabulous information Lisa. We rent right now but have been looking to buy a home because we need one without stairs [for me] and the ones we are looking at [i.e. can afford] would need some weatherization help. Thank you. :)

    [Our median income where I live is 63,000 for a family of four and the ceiling for assistance is 27,000. It is really ridiculous. You couldn't live in a cardboard box here for 27,000 prices are so high.]

  6. That sounds like a wonderful program. It seems like people would never know about these programs if it weren't for word of mouth. In our province, there is assistance for seniors that own their own home (windows, doors, appliances etc)as well as non homeowners that may need household items such as microwave oven or a bed.
    Honestly, if you don't hear about it from someone you'd never know about what is available. There used to be a heritage fund if you owned an old house but I think that's no longer available.

  7. Skippy, here is the info for your area

    And Shirlee, isn't that the way it's almost like they offer it up but try their best to keep it a secret!

  8. Found your blog via White Spray Paint...I'm looking forward to frequent visits!

  9. Thanks for sharing this info. I'll definitely be looking into that program and sahring the info1

  10. Hi Lisa-

    I checked our state and found this site;

    However, we don't fit the criteria-- we have a Co-operative Electric Company here were we live. (I'm in Texas)

    **Program Eligibility

    All homes must be in a area served by retail competition (no coops or municipalities, and consumers who rent their homes can participate provided they have permission from their landlords.

    This program is available to homeowners with an annual household income at or below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines shown here:

    I'm off to search for more of these unknown jewels of information!
    Thanks for posting this!


  11. Are you kidding me? OMGosh, we are wanting to do so many things to this house in order to sell and move on to our homestead. Lisa, you are such a blessing! Guess it pays to be nosy, er, curious! ;0) Thank you!

  12. Very interesting stuff. I just bought my (first) own home last May and it would have been nice to know about some of these programs! Although I'm not sure how much is available in Oregon.

  13. Hi Kathy! Oregon has several programs is the link you need to start! It is a hard thing when they are out there and no one knows about them! I hope this helps!

  14. lisa - great info!! But this comment is totally off post topic-----
    You have 100 followers!!!

    yippee, way to go!!


  15. Lisa, thanks a lot - that is a very helpful link. I'm passing it along to my mom, too!

  16. Lisa, this is a program that is now under investigation for fraud in some states. There was an article about it posted on yesterday.
    We all need some help, but please make sure you truly qualify so that it won't come back to haunt you.

  17. Hi! after doing some research today, I found some articles and info on fraud in the Community Action Program, it seems where ever there is big money, there is some weasel trying to scrape a portion that they are not entitled to, right off the top...It is right up there with Welfare fraud, Internet fraud and Mortgage Fraud. I also read some articles on what people thought of going thru the process...and they were happy with what they received... I can vouch for my local program, I have witnessed first hand their good works and abilities. I know the staff there personally too. They really do want to help... as with anything, we should ALL make sure our i's are dotted and t's crossed when making a decision about our home, family and financial welfare. I went down and applied for a process! it is seriously a government run operation when it comes to paper work...and I think the idea behind it was honorable. Anonymous is right...its for those that need the help and can truly qualify...I put this information on here because, I think, anyone who needs it should be aware of it. I did not put it on here to have a debate about who is entitled and who is not. If someone commits fraud? then the law will take care of them. For those of us that are ignorant of these programs, entitled to them and need information, I am tickled that this might make a difference in being able to eat chicken instead of bologna because you didn't have to pay an astronomical utility bill!

  18. Lisa, I certainly did not want to spur a debate of any sort, I just wanted to issue a warning to unsuspecting potential victims of fraud.

  19. I think you are absolutely right in your warning and your comment was appreciated! I really want people to know what is available but I am not in a position to say who fits the parameters and I wanted people to know that. My experience and that of my neighbors has been good, it is really sad that their are people in this world that will take advantage. I should have referenced that same warning in my post and I know your intentions were to guide and your input is very important!


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