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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The ultimate in recycling...repurposing and re-using!

I was over at  Granny's Place first thing this morning and she has a sale going on...

She makes purses, make up totes....OUT OF RECYCLED PLASTIC!

Granny's Place Plarn Bags

Now...I have heard of plarn on the net and I have been interested in the uses for it...BUT I have never...EVER...seen something as cute as these made out of it...EVERYTHING on the bag is recycled...

I detest Walmart bags...the only good use I have found for them? insulation in my chicken coop wall...(yes, I stuffed all the walls in my chicken coop with balled up Walmart shopping bags)...I had no idea what else to do with them...they seem to pile up into an enormous ball and they keep getting moved around and around...because I refuse to throw them in the garbage...we have an amazing amount of plastic waste in this world, it is one of my biggest pet peeves...

You can buy cheap totes for grocery shopping at most grocery stores now...I will not buy those either...I love the idea of a re-usable shopping bag but the quality of those totes are poor...

Granny has made something beautiful out of something incredibyly ugly....

Granny's Place Plarn Bags

Granny's Place Plarn Bags
What a beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe...I can imagine how strong and durable these totes are...and how easy they would be to wash...

I am amazed...this is the ultimate in recycling, re-purposing and re-using!


  1. My mom makes these as well. they are pretty cool

  2. I'm like you - I've heard of these but never seen anything so cute!
    Came over from Stuff and Nonsense.

  3. Granny's Bags are the cutest.

    I'm saving my pennies... I'd rather purchase one of hers... I also like that she uses real handles and straps and make them so personalized.
    that is a good idea for the wal-mart bags...insulation in the chicken coop!
    Never thought of that one.


  4. Thanks for the sweet words Lisa. I was recycling long before it was "cool". My sisters used to shudder when they'd see that instead of buying planters I'd use metal coffee cans for my flowers. Sometimes I'd paint them to pretty them up and other times I'd just leave them silver and let them rust over the course of the summer. ;)

  5. I bought one of her brown ones and love it! It is nice and large and I carry it as a purse/tote.
    It draws attention from anyone who notices it. They can't believe it is made from plastic bags.

    You can't go wrong with one.

  6. This reminds me, my grandma and great-grandma used to cut up breadwrappers into strips and crochet them into rugs,similar to a rag rug. They were very durable and yet soft.

    I'll bet you could do the same thing using blue walmart bags.

  7. That Granny is the best, huh? I'm still holding on to some yellow bags to send her way... don't have quite enough yet. What she does with her plarn really is amazing!

  8. Wow! You can probably take these outside and hose them off! Great for baby things or snacks.
    People are so talented.
    ~ Christie

  9. I've never heard of plarn or seen bags and purses made out of recycled bags. What a wonderful idea.
    My grandmother used to make rugs out of bread bags. I had one of her creations when I was a kid.

  10. Just thinking of you and hoping you had a wonderful Easter!! We finally had rain!!!!!


  11. Glad you got some rain Hooked!

  12. Susan! I am so thankful you got rain! Let's all pray that Sandi does too! that would be so wonderful! I had a very short Easter...I gave up coffee and my head felt like it was feeling like it was about to explode! 20 years of two pots a day...I think the withdrawals are about to kick my butt! lol!

  13. does your granny sell them? i ask since those are the best looking ones i have seen, and i have looked on many times looking for idea's or one i might buy myself.

  14. Hi Shell! Jackie does sell them! just go to her website by clicking on the caption under the picture! they are very nice, she does such a great job!


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