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Saturday, April 16, 2011

More on the kitchen...and DATE NIGHT!

I have been so involved in my is really hard when you tear your kitchen apart...there are so many details! Well, we got down to one detail that had not dawned on me yet....we have to move the stove...

When that thought finally entered my brain...I glanced sideways at my one and only...he was was happily working on trim, humming away.....every once in awhile, thru out the day, I would find that he had wrote something on the paper that I had covered the table with...cuz he is sweet like that...little notes...little faces...well, I finally got up the nerve to mention the fact that we had to move the stove...and I turned around to tell him...he was writing something on the paper..

."Honey?"..."yes, Baby Doll?"...."We have to move the stove..."
 See the little marks thru the heart?
He said absolutely nothing...he just took his little pen...looked me dead in the eye...reached over...and scratched two marks thru the heart!  Hmmmm...I guess I know how he feels about moving the stove, I might as well have said we need to move the house! HEE HEE! It made me laugh to see his face...he made up for it after...

My stove weighs 800 pounds...and I do love it so! but to move it? takes a super human act....we decided to use a roller system and a lever to lift it up to put the rollers under pea brain only has to move 3 feet...I just could not live with the carboard and duct tape that I knew was under there...I didn't get a chance to do anything with that part of the floor before my Honey and all his friends came to move it into the house for heat in October 2009...

We hoisted it up with the pipe we used as a lever, that pipe? is now bent beyond use...a 5 ft long piece of galvanized steal pipe...I did only set the stove down one time... on my Honey's finger...(that is why I decided I was working the lever this time, no way was I sticking my hand under there to install the rollers! Yes, we have been thru this before, lol!)
This is what the floor looked like underneath the stove...cardboard actually melted into the floor from the previous owner not having a heat barrier...and duct tape residue from whoever duct taped the rugs to the floor...

It took the better part of 3 hours to get it all the end? we decide just to prime that part quickly and put the stove back, my life was in an uproar without my stove! I can live with the rest of the kitchen gone but the stove? I can't live without it, I was totally lost!

After sanding and scraping and sanding and scraping for two days...moving that stove...we finally got to prime the floor in the kitchen! Aaah...the last being DONE!

While waiting for it to dry...we decided we needed a few hours out of the house...where do you go in a tiny town when the streets roll up at 4 p.m/? and you have paint all over yourself?   Well...on a date of the COMPOST PILE! We elected to forego the tradition of Little Ceasars Pizza...for those of you that haven't read that post? (You can read that here) We had a tradition last summer...we would hop in the truck...grab two Little Ceasar's Pizza's and cruise the City Compost seems that it has become our favorite gather building materials and garden waste...and lot's and lot's of other things....

I was absolutely thrilled to see that the gates were open...
 There was so much stuff here already! An enormous pile of wood chips for mulch....

 An old bread box...

 with built in cutting board...

 A roll of webbing...

 Some neat old boards for some of those "new fangled" vintage signs....complete with awesome paint!

 A couple of old wire baskets...
 A huge pile of bricks....
 and some brand new plywood for my cold frames...
 An enormous pile of sticks for tomato cages and kindling...
 And in that pile of sticks? Shoe base...molding...for the bottom of my mop boards!

An antique high chair...
AND....a load of free firewood...

All in was the best date of the year!


  1. I see people throw stuff other than yard waste into your town compost pile too, although I've never seen anything good at ours. I would love to score some bricks like you did.
    The kitchen floor looks so much fresher just with primer. Hope you don't have to move the stove any time soon, that does not look like fun!
    The little notes and doodles on the paper are precious. :)
    Have a great day!

  2. I was wondering - as hot as your stove gets - do you need to put some sort of shield or protection down on the floor underneath it? If not is there a chance the wood will dry out and be a fire hazard?

    I love your white floor - some people don't like to paint wood but I prefer it, and you are doing a wonderful job!!! What a sense of accomplishment you must have.

  3. Your honey sounds like a keeper, for sure. I love the way you see value in the things people throw away. That bread box will look so nice in your kitchen. I also love the antique high chair. Lots of people would have overlooked the free firewood this time of year becasue they think they don't need heat right now. You're smart for looking ahead.

    Glad to see your post. I was about to send out the dogs to fee if you were okay. ;)

  4. Hey, Lisa! Looks like you have been busy this week. thanks for the info about pallets. I didnt realize that some stores would have better wood then others. How about some pictures of how you take the dang things apart ?
    Also, I don't think the rose is really dead. I think it will come back - maybe smaller and more manageable ? Keep us posted!
    ~ Christie

  5. Hi Shirlee! I never "see" anything at took two go rounds around the area to start "seeing" things...I know that sounds very strange! the bricks were under a pile of brush as was the high chair...I know better than to not look under things but it was sooo cold out with high winds...I am sure glad I dug a little!

    Kathy? my type of stove has a 6 inch clearance under it as it sits on legs and is lined with a special liner. The surround of the stove does not get really hot and either does underneath it. The whole surface area of the top does, tho! Louis' favorite place when I make biscuits? right under the oven cuz I have to heat it to 450 degrees which is about the highest temp I ever have to go. It's approximately 95 degrees under there at the highest temperature. You can touch the surround, the back and everything even at that temperature. Mr. Dodo that had the house before me? He just sat his humongous stove on the floor, which is dangerous!
    I can't wait to paint the floor! all that white clean goodness is just about all I can stand!

    Granny? My Honey is a keeper...;) and free heat is the best! I have been working so hard on this kitchen that I have neglected this blog! Finding things that people throw out is one of the best feelings I have ever had! So happy to see you all today, you make me smile!

  6. Lisa, your date sounded pretty good to me. I bet you are the easiest person in the world to buy presents for Xmas.
    When we refurbished the farmhouse in MN, we painted an old pine floor blue. When we bought the place that room was being rented out to a bachelor. Sort of a hoarder, too. The floor was cover with old nasty carpet and newspapers. My hubby ripped it up and found pine. Since we were already spending too much down stairs we decided to just sand and paint. The room was perfect and it really fit that farmhouse style. I think you will be very happy with the paint and it should be super easy to touch up. You know, just in case you drop a skillet or knife! I say that because I am the first one to damage stuff in the house.
    What a find with all the garden stakes and fire wood. That stuff is expensive! Like the breadbox, too. Are you planning to do a little touch up on the box or is it in good shape? To tell the truth, I haven't used a bread box since I was a little girl. It brings back memories of Mom's old stuff.
    Have fun today,


  7. Christie! I will most definately get some pic's up on how to take those square pallets apart...they are put together with these horrible screw like nails that do not want to let go! All pallets are NOT created equal! some are pine, some are oak, maple and what not...seems a waste but you need something sturdy and nice to haul t.v's on! lol the other kind are from windows and doors and they are the ones that have long 1x4's and such, those are easy to get apart, will get something on here asap!

  8. Lisa-
    My stove is pretty heavy too. I need to scrape my floors really badly... But I won't be painting mine. I'll probably use clear coat- poly or something. I like the look of hand scraped floors.
    I just love your kitchen counters with the turned legs. I may copy this idea, as our lower cabinets and counters really need replacing.
    Glad to see you post.

    Have a great weekend-- Pat

  9. Ohh love the floor. Are you going to paint a checkerboard with black and white squares? That would look nice...just a suggestion (like you need any lol). Cant believe anyone would throw out that nice highchair. Are you going to refinish it? Cant wait to see all the new projects you have coming up!

  10. Love the painted floors! I can't believe what great things you the bread box! Can't wait to see what you do with all the other goodies!!

  11. What a score! You sure got some good stuff! Love how you are so into repurposing. Even old stuff needs love...

  12. The sheer madness - it looks already now wonderfully. I can't wait to see the finish!!!

    Big hugs

  13. HI ! I should introduce my self as I have been stalking.. jk :) your blog for a few weeks now ! I found you on HGTV site and went from there. I am so inspired and you have given me hope that I may find my little "dream house". I like you, have such a vision and can see a castle among the ruins and actually enjoy the process of excavating it.. well most of it. We presently rent now and have for years but I dream every day of a home of my own... and chickens, goats and a HUGE garden. Thanks for letting me see it can happen! Kathleen

  14. Dear Lisa,
    You Rock. I just found your blog and became your 102 follower/friend. I read several of your posts and you have given me the courage to tackle some projects I have long wanted to do. I would love to paint my floors but my hubby would never buy the idea...I tease him about our tastes being so different we just needed to have 2 houses beside each other with a breeze way connecting us...they would be as different as day and night...but I would be deliriously happy in my shabby chic/parisian home and his would be BORING with a chair, a tv, a desk with computer, and notta thing on the walls.
    I LOVE LOUIS...I have 3 cats and 2 dogs...they are such a joy to me....I really love your chickens...I would just like a couple of pet chickens...but there are way tooooooo many feral cats in our neighborhood.
    I am going to check into the Community Action thing. I did not know about it. I will find out what Oklahoma laws are.
    I look forward to seeing all the changes in your home.
    It is a JOY to meet you.
    Have A Sugar Sweet Day
    Simply Debbie

  15. Hi Debbie! I feel so blessed that I have another friend! Welcome! I ran into opposition about painted floors...but after one floor (the bathroom) my Honey fell in love with them...durable, clean, fresh...just plain nice! We have decided to do all of them...keep working on your hubby! it truly makes an enormous difference in experiencing your home! I have several run around animals in our neighborhood but my chickens fair very well, they are always in their safe house at night and I am with them when they are out...cats don't seem to be the problem, its dogs... I hope you find some help with the Community Action Agency in your area, read several articles about how tickled people were in Oklahoma! It seems that your state is one of the best in follow thru! Blessings for you Debbie so that you may become your own Proprietor soon!

  16. Oh Kathleen, it can happen! It WILL happen, if you need any help, please don't hesitate to email me! I will help!

  17. Ah Ha! Denise! I don't think I have the where with all to paint a checkerboard...I have run out the back door to the front door to use two rooms in my house for the last week! I may try something that brave some day but for now I am tickled with just one color, lol! and I DO need advice! keep it coming!

  18. What a sweet hubby. Sounds like a great date night.
    Love the bread box. Love the white floor. So bright and happy filling.

  19. Sorry folks that should have been So bright and happy feeling.

  20. I love your blog! So happy and upbeat - it brings a smile to my face to visit.

    And I can't wait to show Pooldad your newest project in the kitchen. He will be wowed, as I am. Moving an 800 lb stove is a feat. My armoires scare me and they don't weigh nearly that. :)

    Enjoy your lovely home and I hope that you have a great week. Thank you again for the smiles.

  21. Donna, that green breadbox is in awesome shape...but no green, can't do it...what color should it be? white/black? the green has got to!

    Oh Skippy? if I give you 1/3 of the smiles you give me? I am happy! When I get a belly laugh? straight from your toes? I will be ecstatic cuz that is what I get when I read your blog!

  22. pizza and treasure hunting? sounds like the perfect date night to all the 'junk' you scrounged...thanks for sharing your loot!


    stuff and nonsense

  23. wow - have you ever been busy. And I looove your kind of dates!!!!! I have a question about your painted floors. What do you put on top of the paint to make it durable? I have read a couple of blogs where they used some type of marine finish for boats, but they never mentioned exactly what it was or where to find it. Like so many others have mentioned you have given me the motivation, courage, hootz pah, whatever to finally tackle some of my own list of wants. ONe of them is removing the carpet from the stairs. I am afraid that there will not be stain grade wood underneath and if it is not i will paint it, but worry about durablilty.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!


  24. Hello! It's me again. I have had a " Pallet Idea" but I don't know how to make it work out. Can you use pallets to make raised beds in the garden ? I guess you could just cut out the boards in the center and put them on the ground. They are about the right size and shape for square foot gardening. Seems like it would work for lasagna gardening but might need to line the sides with heavy plastic ?
    I'm interested in what your thoughts are.
    ~ Christie
    P.S. Loved your toile curtains !

  25. Hi Christie! We just got six inches of snow so it's been hard to get pictures of taking pallets apart but I will get them! In the mean time, if you have a sawzall (reciprocating saw) you can cut right thru the nails between the boards to get them apart and that will save you breakage and heart ache and you will have full length boards left over.

    YES! you could use them for a raised garden! by just cutting them in half and staking them or screwing them together! I use mine full size to hold in my compost and it seems they keep everything in, I don't line them or anything!
    Here is an idea....

  26. Hooked? the first floor I painted was the bathroom and I used Kilz primer and latex wall paint. It still looks great after a year and a half even with getting water on it! I don't have kids or anything tho, just the neighbor kids sometimes. This time around? I used Royal Porch and Floor paint from Ace Hardware, it is so hard...I painted my moulding with it too! It was dry to the touch after 2 hours and I walked on it in four (although that is not the recommendation!)
    I thought that if it could last on a porch, outside, rain, sleet, snow and survive? I thought it would be durable but scuffs will happen, I scuffed my brand new floor with my step stool and left a long black mark right acrossed it 6 hours after I painted it, it came off with a damp rag...:) Like with any floor, scuffs and scratches will happen but I am thinking this is the way to go! They are so bright and pretty, can't wait to show you! You can also put a coat or two of poly on them to make them even more durable, I am not going to do that cuz I don't want the yellowing that occurs with poly...and if I do scratch them...touch ups are always easy!I am sooooo glad you are alright! those storms were awful and you were right in the middle of them!

  27. OH! and this lady painted plywood floors! they look awesome!

  28. i just wanted to let you know that i featured your wonderful blog can read my post here:



  29. Lisa - thanks for the info. I will let you know what i decide once i get brave and rip off the carpet!! I had looked into porch paint, too, and was thinking it might be the way to go. And thank you for the prayers. This has been one scary spring in Okie land.

  30. Wow, you are ambitious. I enjoyed my visit Hugs and I hope you'll stop by and enter my latest giveaway to win a gorgeous dress! to your blog. I am following now.

  31. I got on the phone today and reserved a spot at the Community Garden! It is 15 x 20 and full sun! ( The yard around my rental house is very shady with clay soil). Ahhh I can smell the lavendar already.

    I had even more excitement when, for the first time ever, I pulled over to the side of the road for trash! I had noticed a wooden box in an empty lot. On impulse, I pulled in today for a closer look. It is homemade and heavy. It is about 3 feet long 18" wide and 14" deep. I might try to plant carrots in it.
    ~ Christie

  32. Christie I am so thrilled for you! how exciting! now that you pulled over once? you are going to be scouting everywhere, lol! it is totally addicting! That box is a treasure for sure! I have a couple of boxes that I keep my mints in so they don't take over my garden, they are wonderful plants, smell delicious but are very sure to keep us up to date on your garden!

  33. Love your blog! Every time my husband and I go to the recycling center, we laugh about what cheap dates we are!

    Check out my blog if you like!

  34. I was reading Alison's blog and she suggested I pay a visit - so glad I did! You guys are so like my husband and me! Love it! It is a blessing to have a spouse who's so similar!
    So glad I stopped by, now following to read more!

  35. Someone somewhere coined the phrase Pickin' & Grinnin' and you've taken it to a whole nuther level: Green Dating!

    Can't wait to see how you plan to use the high chair! *wink wink* <--my version of pickin' & grinnin'

    Ellen - in Portsmouth, VA


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