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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Blue PRIZE!

As we all know now...I was so delighted when Sandi noticed I did not have a refrigerator in my kitchen...probably because I always wondered IF anyone would ever notice!  I thought Sandi should get a prize for being sooo observant! I thought about doing a "give away" like the other blogs but it just didn't seem to suit this blog...but it is very exciting to me... to be able to send out prizes every once in a while to show how much I appreciate you all!

In honor of the "blue paper" saga going on in my kitchen...the room which started all of this in the first place...I thought and thought about what would be a fun "prize" to give Sandi...

Here is what I came up with:

A 1/2 gallon Blue Ball Jar complete with zinc lid...and then I couldn't make up my mind...would she rather have two quart jars?  I don't I will leave it up to Sandi...

Sandi? you have your choice....One 1/2 gallon Blue Ball jar with zinc lid or....

two blue quart jars with zinc lids...

E-mail me with your choice and I will send them out to you! 

I want you all to know how much I appreciate your vigilance and your interest in our blog! You make my life a joy and your comments motivate me to do better and better!  Even when some of my projects are complete and utter failures? You are truly..always...supportive, funny and kind!

Congratulations Sandi, I hope you enjoy them as I do and may you never, ever....EVER...have to deal with BLUE PAPER! Big HUGS!


  1. Hey...wait. Where is my framed piece of wallpaper. I mentioned it. Sort of. giggle

    I am so thrilled that Sandi is getting the beautiful Ball jar. They are wonderful.

    A treasure for sure.

    YAY Sandi.

    And Lisa we adore you - and I could look at your project all day long. They are beautiful. :)

    Now about these chairs I need you do housecalls? hee

  2. Oh Skippy! I would never give you any of this cotton pickin' paper! I would rather send you a jar too! LOL!

  3. Oh...and you saw my slip cover! I am positive you would NOT want me to do yours! LOL!

  4. Congrats to Sandi! What gorgeous jars! It's hard to find stuff like that around here. Enjoy!

    Lisa-You are always a delight. I look forward to reading your posts. What a treat!

  5. Oh My I'm Speechless!

  6. Send me an email with an address and your choice and I will get them out to you! Thank you soooo very much, this was fun!

  7. Way to go Sandi!!! And congrats to Lisa on her first give-away!!


  8. Dear Sandi,
    Go big or go home. ;)

    Seriously, I'm invisioning a small lamp being created from that lovely morsel Lisa is bestowing upon you.

    Lucky you for being so observant and lucky us for being a captive audience to such a fun & fearless chica who's having a love affair with her widdle hut.

    Ellen - in Portsmouth, VA

  9. I'm going to be late for work now but it was so worth it... just discovered your blog and had to go back to September and surf forward... didn't get to read as much as I wanted but from what I did read, I'm in awe. To dive into stinky and pull out fabulous... I wish I had your energy, your flair, your know-how. It makes me ashamed of myself for being "too tired" after work to work on my house. Could you call me every day about 5:30 pm Denver time and say, "I scrubbed MILDEW and CAT TURDS! So get off your butt and work on your house Mary!"

  10. Mary? I have an advantage! I don't have to work full time any more...I remember how tired I was when I worked, and how much it took outta me but I will call you once in awhile to remind you of how hard you work at a full time job and that your house will get done! I didn't have any flair or skills or know how when I got this house, it has been a learning process and some of it? I still have no clue! LOL!


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