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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sooo I got this OTHER chair...

because...the folks that gave me the other one? wanted it back...

We all know that there are a lot of victims out there just waiting for Lisa to find them so she can try her new slip-covering skills on them! Hee Hee! So, I wasn't too worried about giving the chair back...Well, bout six months ago, I made a foray into town to the local thrift store and they had a new influx of there was a chair...I wanted it soooo bad!  It was marked at $75.00! I don't know where these people get the idea that just because it is old means it's worth your first born child...but they obviously thought it was...

About two weeks ago...I made another foray...back to look at this antique chair...(no one else was crazy enough to pay $75.00 bucks for it either) and I looked at it again...nope...not doing it...well, I got to talking to the ladies...and then I asked them..."Do you ever make deals here?"  "What kind of deals?" they asked...
"Well...for starters...on your furniture..." Now...these ladies? are like nuns...they can tie you up in knots with a look...and NO ONE is pulling the wool over their eyes....they look sweet...but they are savvy...they sound sweet...but they will
They just stared at me with squinty eyes....until a gentleman walked up with a question... One of those "sweet"  older ladies says to him (whisper) "This "girl" wants to make an offer on our furniture"....."oh you do do you?"  he said...(same squinty look) "Well, yes sir, I do" I said....

"What you want to make a deal on?"  "Well", I said...that old chair you got back there...the one that has been sitting here for six months..." and I just stared at him unblinking...well, he told me he would go take a look with me...and that is what we did...
Then the haggling began and he walked away TWICE!  I wanted to scream at him! "THIS IS ST VINCENT DE PAUL THRIFT STORE! It's NOT a fine furniture store!"

"How much you willing to pay?" he asked finally...and...$25 bucks rolled off my tongue like silk...He actually stared at me like I had two heads! "o.k young lady but you are getting a really good deal here..." he said
"Mmmmhmmmm...." was my reply...

And here is what my $25.00 bucks got me...

And it ugly! It was worth haggle with that den of senior citizens and their squinty eyes...

This chair is solid oak and it is HEAVY! but it was in pretty bad shape...I started a slip cover for it...but it just wasn't the slip cover kind of chair...

 I had even put a neat edge on it..but just didn't look right...
and the finish was pretty ratty...Now...I hate re-finishing it sat for brain kept going back to what you all said about the "dark" stain....I just couldn't make myself do it...there are few things I will not do...but...refinishing wood furniture is one I just procrastinate on...and I couldn't get past the dirty, nasty fabric on I ripped the whole thing apart...

I started with trying to find something for vacuum is now scarred beyond recognition from sucking up the hay or straw or whatever this chair was stuffed with! I tried some pillow batting but it was lumpy...

 I actually had an egg crate mattress pad I used on my it was selected as the padding winner!

 Then? I was going to throw some drop cloth on the top and see what I could find for a later date...

Well...the dark stain never did get on the chair...I ended up painting it black...and it really looked awesome! so on to upholstery...

If you ever decide to upholster something? get an electric staple hands still feel like they are going to fall off of my body from the manual stapler I have!  I used the old upholstery as a pattern and like a bozo...I tried the furniture tacks hands might be sore from the staple gun? but my thumb hurts worse from all the times I hit it with the hammer trying to pound those little suckers in!
And here we first upholstery job...she looks considerably better with new clothes on! She is not finished, there are a few more details I have to attend to...

My floors look so awful since I took all the finish and wax off of them...but soon...soon they will be beautiful....

What happened to Miss 1982 you ask? well...she and her sister are now part of my bedroom suite...


  1. Fabulous. I would love to re-do our 600 dollar love seat ::cough:: did I say love seat? I meant dog bed. You give me hope. That is just gorgeous and I like the black, better than stain.

  2. Love the new look. I have a wingback chair I need to tackle soon.. I just keep putting it off and putting it off. Soon I'll do it :)

  3. Are you kidding me? OMGosh, Lisa. You are amazing! That chair must be so thrilled to be in your home. Well done!

  4. I could almost hear the background music of a Clint Eastwood movie as you were telling the story of dealing with the squinty eyed dealers! This chair looks very tailored. You did a fabulous job. Did you do more work upstairs?


  5. I'm very impressed, it looks SO much better. your story about the deal-making at the thrift store is hysterically funny. But I know EXACTLY what you mean!

  6. Hi Lisa,
    Your chair is beautiful !!!!! Loved the story about how you got it too In my mind I could visualize the "seniors" squinting and hunched over whispering about your wanting to make a "deal". I couldn't stop laughing.
    Now I'm courious about Miss 1982 and her sister. You need to show us where they are residing upstairs.
    Take care,

  7. I am so glad you guys liked the chair! It was interesting to say the least! Pieces and parts of that hard won chair were all over the time I do something like this? Remind me to have a plan? LOL! Skippy? that dog bed/love seat you have? Make PoolDad run the stapler! HEE HEE! We debated over the stain vs. paint...I paint everything...and my Honey just hates to see wood painted but he loved the paint it black idea...I am glad because I don't have the stain mentality! I was going to put other fabric it on it but the drop cloth just suits it! I worked on this chair for so long, I put it on here unfinished thinking you all would think I flew the coop again! Carol? do the chair! it is so satisfying! My cat doesn't like this one as much as Miss 1982, YAAAY! cuz I can't wash it!
    Donna and Vanessa? I have done more work upstairs! it is getting so pretty up there, I just love it! Can't wait to show you!

    Miss Poindexter...I really, really wanted some kind of "lingerie" for this chair, like yours...maybe you would be willing to give me some pointers cuz I failed miserably on trying to get your look! lol lady that keeps me grounded in the dirt...thank you so much!

    AND...I have kitchen counter tops...can you believe it?

  8. Sister Gal you have some mad crazy skills.. want to come over i have a couch that could use your magic..

  9. Your chair looks so incredibly professional! I just absolutley love the end results - the black is perfect. It makes it look so "crisp." And I LOVE the thrift store story, and was glad to hear it. After seeing all these posts about the great deals everyone finds at thrift stores I decided it was something I must try. The prices - WOWZA! Many of the pieces were more than new ones in a furniture store. Now I know your secret - be brave, negotiate. I may go back and try that. Hopefully this time I will not be followed around the store by a man pushing a shopping cart full of kittens telling me God was going to "unbless" me for not taking his kitens home with me. Can you gather my first thrift store visit was not what I had hoped it would be - LOL. Again - you continue to inspire us all Lisa.


  10. Oh Lisa this chair is so awesome!! Job well done. You have to get you an electric staple gun. I swiped mine. Long ago I was recovering the dinning room chairs. Working so hard hands hurting I took a break and went out to the shop and there was my 15 year old son using an electric one. Now where he got it I'm not sure. Angry that he didn't say mom I have an electric gun, I waited till he finished his project and I took it. It's been in my tool chest ever since. A girl got to do what a girls got to do! I wonder if he would miss that fancy chop saw of his?

  11. Ah Hooked! the thrift stores, I am right there with you on that humility in thrift...the attitudes must not be much different in Oklahoma than here...and kittens? wow...most of the stores around here smell like! NO WONDER! HEE HEE! But it is worth it sometimes to find stuff that others throw out, next time you go? if you go? Go when you just get outta bed, noone will bother you, lol!
    Sandi...oh..I envy you your stapler, hopefully my brain will not have succumbed to paint fumes and I will not ever do upholstery again...but if I do? An electric stapler is on my birthday wish list! a chopsaw....I would love a chopsaw! I would exert my parental rights on that!

  12. My sentiments have already been well-addressed by the others. I would like to add I'm hoping you were a quick-study on the Squint Maneuver. If so, methinks you can own the joint one day; maybe name it Squintys' (plural to honor those who came before you). What better way to get dibs on new items at 'Lisa' prices!
    Well done.
    Ellen in Portsmouth, VA

  13. that is so funny Ellen! Squinty's...hee hee! If it were my store, I would NEVER squint at anyone...well, unless they were trying to make me take a box of kittens! lol!


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