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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cottage Kitchen Wall Update...

emolAn kitchen? is now in my living room! I really like having removable items, I can rearrange my kitchen just like my living room if I want to!

All of your comments left me laughing all day today! I promise I won't go nuts because of the wall paper...since it is gone now! Wasn't the "yellow wallpaper" story that Vintage Whimsy shared with us creepy? Loved it!   LOL!

 Oh! My poor, sweet, shiny, BRIGHT...little looks just like when I moved in here! EWWWW!

Now all that is left? is scraping...and cussing....lot's a scraping...a little cussing...

Just to let you see how dark it is in here now...

Oh...and this is the BLUE PAPER....

I did this in every room in the house...for hours and hours...I am so glad that every bit of it will be gone...forever....

I also found a tidbit that told me a little about my house...

It was carved with what I am assuming...was a nail...into the back of the door molding....

It says 1866 Curtis...


Sandi, who has been with me since the very beginning is the only one who has noticed (or mentioned) that I don't have a refrigerator in my kitchen! I always wondered if anyone ever noticed...I think Sandi deserves a prize!


  1. Soooo where are you hiding the frig ?????

  2. The fridge is down in the basement! lol! a short jaunt thru that far left door...

  3. I think Sandi needs a ::framed:: scrap of blue wallpaper for her detective work on the fridge - she noticed it wasn't there. And really - who doesn't need a piece of blue wallpaper in their life?

    I mean except YOU DP. giggle

    ::running away now::

  4. Always hard at work, eh? It's gonna look amazing!

  5. Haha! I thought the same thing. Send her a piece of blue paper. :). Is there room in the kitchen for a fridge?

  6. Lisa - the kitchen is going to be a-maz-ing!! Just a thought - instead of plank walls, have you thought of going a little more radical with say something like - yellow wall paper? Or how about a nice blue wall paper. It was just a thought that popped in my head as something you might like.



  7. Boy! You guys are ruthless today! LOL! I am going to send Sandi something blue in memory of this post...but it will NOT be blue paper or yellow paper! HEE HEE! I would not wish that on anyone, especially not my Lady Sandi who would delete all of us from memory if I even thought about it! I will post on her prize tonight...Sandi? you do deserve a prize for being so vigilant and supportive! Thank you so much for making my day! sweet Hooked...NO PAPER! ;)

    There is room for a refrigerator but I would have to sacrifice something else and I am happy with the fridge and freezers in the basement since they are so close to the kitchen. I will eventually have a summer kitchen, laundry room and a root cellar there so it will be easy to process my garden!

    See you tonight!

  8. Oh please please I would love to have a piece of the blue paper. I would frame it and place it over my fireplace. I think it would add some elegance to my home! Also would remind me to get off this darn computer on go finish building that cabinet!!

    I have been wondering for months about the ice box or frige. Your kitchen is large compared to mine (8x8 and no that is not the size of the walking area) thought maybe you were not showing every corner. So I went back and looked and looked. In my mind that wall has the living room and bathroom doors, that wall has the stairs, that wall has the sink, that wall has the stove and back door. So were is the other wall with the ice box? LOL

    I do have to say that once you get something in your head you get her done!


  9. 1866 Curtis what a find!! Your need to show case that! And yes it does look dark in there now what a difference a can of white paint makes!

  10. Did I mention that yellow is my favorite color...and, address is...

    :) -I am so kidding.

  11. I am SO HAPPY I found your blog! I have 2 walls just like yours in my kitchen and I am "hell bent" (sorry about that word) to get the paint OFF and get it down to wood.... however I am SO scared to do this, for the fear od what I might find under the pretty yellow paint. How many layers will i need to scrape?! Please tell me it's not that bad- even if you need to lie to me ;) LOVE your blog I will follow! Thanks

  12. It is so worth it! LOL! Melissa, it is tons of work but its so worth it!


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