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Friday, March 25, 2011


I have been lurking...I admit it...My name is Lisa...and I AM a lurker...
Miss Mustard Seed has a lot of followers...and she also,  is a follower of many...well a few weeks ago...I started looking at who SHE follows....sometimes...I get to lurking for hours...there are just sooo many incredible blogs out there...

I came across some of the European blogs she follows...WOW! I just can't get enough of them....they have such fantastic content!  I couldn't understand a word they were saying because, well, I only speak English...some have a translate button on them...which I didn't see at first because I was so enthralled with their photo' words needed to be said just for that reason...Well, to make a long story short...I came across a couple of blogs that were so beautiful I just kept going back on a daily basis...

This morning...THIS MORNING! I was blessed with a new follower...IT"S HER! The lady I was lurking! She liked our blog too!  I just have to share her with is a sneak peek of the eye candy that awaits...

She is Uruguay White Life

I am continually amazed at you ladies that want to view this humble hut could never compare to some of your homes! I have only seen Donna's...and it is incredible!  In fact, I was going to do a post on all our homes but...alas..she was the only one brave enough to send a pic! (hint, hint)

I am thinking Donna should be the one with a blog about decorating! Is that not just the dreamiest house? Classy..timeless...farmhouse...BIG SIGH!

If you do have spare time this week? I would encourage you to spend some time in is a wonderful journey...


  1. Oh - wow - what's that???? Nothing dreaming I open my follower, scroll a little, and what I discover? A little pic of my rocking chair. And I think to myself: class looks... scroll-scroll-scroll... Some minutes later: "Stop - it's MY rocking chair!!!" Scrolling back and look ...

    I am totally surprised! Thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥

    But I have to explain something: I was born in Germany but live for several years in Uruguay. My style is less German-European - more a mix of many countries ;))

    I wish you a beautiful and joyfully weekend!


  2. I just know Tine? YOUR style is wonderful! I am absolutely enthralled! Your photography is outstanding as is your content! I love your mix of many countries and can't wait to see more!

    I wish you a beautiful and joyful weekend as well!

  3. Thanks Lisa! don't forget this is my last house in MN. I am now in Seattle with a much a much different house and design problem. Everything was easy in the farmhouse but not so much here. The view is to die for and if I am lucky (with sunshine) I get to stare at the Olympic mountains all day.

  4. it wouldn't hurt my feelings Donna if you wanted to share your new house with me, lol! I bet it is just as beautiful as the old one! Envious of your view! I know what it looks like!

  5. Tine and Donna I just love both of your homes!
    Thanks for sharing them.


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