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Friday, March 25, 2011

DON'T EVER let me do that again...

I really thought "RED is what makes me happy"...and it does! in small doses...THIS...however...was not making me very happy, in fact? it was down right HORRIBLE!

My Honey was right the first was too much looked like C-R-A-P! and every time I looked at it? That went thru my head...until I almost hauled it outside and put it in the shed...

Today...I got a clue and finally did something about it...

AAAAH...that's better...and I finished the 3D Wall art...

And now it makes sense in my kitchen...THIS? Really makes me happy!

I got a glue gun! Look out! I will not only spray paint you...wax you...slipcover you...I will gluuuue you too! Well, if you stand still long enough...hee hee!

My first order of business today besides the linen closet? was another little box I netted when I got the's a shoe shine box...and this is one of the only boxes in this house not filled with seeeeds...or dried was totally "weed free".... It was, in fact? Filled with little shoe shine implements...yaaay!

I painted it...imagine that! LOL!  But I have also been extremely interested in decoupage lately too, soooo...this was my first victim...not a very good try but I will find something better soon!

I took the paternal name...found it's coat of arms on the internet and played with Microsoft Word...this is what came out of that dalliance:

I really want to find a cool border for it... to go around the raw edges...but like many things around here? It will have to wait til I find it...

I think it will be very charming someday...and maybe a different color too! HA HA!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    I hate to say this but your Honey is right. (And you know I'm right there with you on the liberal use of red.) The cabinet looks much cuter in white. Now she's a part of the kitchen cabinetry rather than an outsider sitting on the other side of the room. The pop of red in the curtain really makes a statement. You and your Honey did good !!!
    Take care,

  2. I think the fumes went to my brain and killed off a lot of cells on this one! and your curtain directions, Vanessa? were awesome! I know you are right there with me on the red but don't hesitate to say you think the fumes got to me too! lol I love it now, before? it just irritated me...I hope you have a wonderful day! hugs!

  3. Great edit on the cabinet!

    Ellen - in Portsmouth, VA


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