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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Additions to the living room...

After reading the comments, I have to tell you a story about the biggest dilemma of all...
I beat the tar outta that soggy, nasty couch and threw it out the door...underneath it were these boxes...5 in total...I put them in the save pile because they were really ornate and pretty...some were glass one and the two tupperware one's I just tossed in the trailer...
I went about my business...carting things out to the trailer and tossing stuff in my burn barrell...the process went on and on...til I had that trailer almost full...

I was so decide to take a break and peruse thru the treasures I saved...the saved, forgotten boxes were set out and I opened them...

Guess what was in them?  SEEDS! Hmmmm...I couldn't wait to show my Honey! Garden seeds...maybe this guys wasn't so bad after all! And some plumbing parts...and various things...some dried leaves..potpourri maybe?

When my Honey came to pick me up...I proudly showed him my seeds...Uh..Lisa...those are not flower seeds...those...Um...are Marijuana seeds...and the rest? Not plumbing parts...they are pipes and screens to smoke it with...and the potpourri?  Marijuana, Honey...
OH MY GOD!...I can't take these to the transfer station...I will get arrested...they will confiscate my house...I will be homeless...or in jail...I will throw them in the burn barrell...HOLY! I can't throw it in there...what if the neighbors smell it?  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?

I dunked all the seeds in weed killer and buried them...I smashed all the "plumbing parts" with the hammer til they were unrecognizable and threw them in the van that the salvage yard was coming to take away...and then...I went thru every single inch of that trailer to retrieve the tupperware boxes... and I proceeded to give them  the same treatment...

Looking back on that?  That is some paranoia...and I never smoke Marijuana...


  1. I guess that answers the question as to what kind of stone-head would bring motor oil into a house.
    Your living-room story is sooo very funny. I admire your vision and energy level. (Sometimes jealous.) Please continue your posts and pics. You keep me motivated to complete my very tiny projects.

  2. Too funny. I probably would not have recognized the stuff either. That will be a good one for the grandchildren!

  3. Oh Vanessa! it seems that the tiny projects? take me the longest! I seem to have a deficit for details! lol! One of these days, you guys will share your homes with me! If there is anything you want shown? I would love to feature it on here!
    Barb, I wondered if you would think I was a bonehead! which...I suppose I am for flipping out about something so ridiculous! Sometimes I am denser than a box of rocks!

  4. LOL, that is to funny. I would have done the same thing. If you had of burned it and I was your neighbor I wouldn't have know it.

  5. That's a hoot. How unfortunate that those 5 boxes wasted so much time and effort. You are always going to have the greatest stories to tell.

  6. Oh my - your funniest blog yet!!!Aren't you glad you did not plant the seeds without showing them to hubby!!

    "hooked on Lisa" in Oklahoma

  7. Oh Man...I am so glad I didn't plant them...LOL! I laugh at myself now but I was so freaked out that someone would think I was a marijuana Honey pointed out he was rolling around laughing...that I used "weed killer" to make sure they didn't grow...hmmmm...

  8. I LOVED this story - I had to tell my husband! He got a really good chuckle out of it too! ~ I love how you write!
    If only the walls could talk in your house - the stories that they would tell!!
    I REALLY appreciate you sharing the photos along w/ your stories. I look at your blog every day wondering if you've written anything yet. ~I'm addicted!! :~)

  9. Oh thank you Tina! I am so glad you guys don't think I am a putz! Sometimes, like telling the pot story? I think someone might think just that! I have had so much fun writing this, it is such a relief to vent some of this story...I love our blog too and you can't imagine how much I enjoy all of you! If I run out of day and can't post, or my net service goes down? I feel like my day is unproductive...and I miss it so!

  10. Suddenly a lot of things are making sense! Like, how anyone could let a home get so nasty!

  11. Just stumbled on your awesome blog I'm bookmarking it hoping you are still at it. I was rolling reading this story! Keep it up please.


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