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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Putting a man on the moon...

HI! I have been without internet service for two days!  Here is mostly how it went...
"We will be doing maintenance and upkeep on our server between 12:00a.m. and 3:00 a.m on August 10th, 2010. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you."

O.K....that's fine, I will be sleeping...well, by August 11, 2010, I still had no service...time to call my service provider...this is how that went...

Nice Lady on the phone:  "Hello! Thank you for calling and welcome, how may I help you today?"
Lisa:   My service is still out after the maintenance and upkeep..."
Nice Lady on the phone:  "well, let me see what I can do for you today..."
Lisa:  Thank you
Nice Lady on the phone:  "my records show that your service is in operating order"
Lisa:  "O.k...then why can't I get on the net?"
Nice Lady on the phone: "have you checked your radio status on your connection?"
Lisa: "well, no, I don't want to get on the radio, I want to get on the net...I have no idea what you are talking about..."
Nice Lady on the phone: "the problem must be with your computer, Lisa, let me get you to technical"
Lisa:  Thank you

16 minutes go by....

Lisa hangs up because her ducks are now in the next door neighbors apple orchard...

Lisa calls back...we go thru the entire ordeal...again...
Lisa gets put on hold for an additional 15 minutes...Lisa hangs up...because, her brand new kitten thinks he is starving to death and is yowling for his bottle at the top of his lungs...

Lisa calls back...again...same process...
Surly technical man: " must be your may want to call your computer manufacturer"
Lisa: "it is not my computer because I can hook up to the unsecured wireless networks in my neighborhood  with no problem...I don't want to do that, that is why I buy internet service..."

Surly technical man:  "my system shows that everything is fine on my end..."

Lisa hangs up on Surly technical man...
Well, my service is back on this evening...and I also got one piece of new internet bill for this month!

They can put a man on the moon...but because their computer says my computer is fine...everything is fine...cept I could not get on the net for two days...
I am sorry for neglecting us! I believe that is what I get for living in the Toolies!  

My neighbor came by a couple days ago...she brought a box with the box was 3 little kittens about two weeks old...she found them in the floor boards of her Mama in sight...

They couldn't stay in her floor so she brought them to see if there was anything I knew to do...why yes! I do and by the way, I will take that lil orange one? The love of my life in the pet kingdom for many years was a big orange cat...his name was Louis...he was and is still sorely missed after 5 years since his I have a new Louis....he wakes me up every two hours for his bottle...that, I do not miss!


  1. Congratulations on the kitten. The love of my life was a big orange kitty, Buster, who passed on a couple of years ago after blessing our lives with his presence for over 20 years. Thanks goodness we had a second kitty and she is now princess of the household and we love her dearly. Glad to hear you are back on the internet. It is so frustrating when things stop working, nothing has changed on your end, but it now your fault!

  2. I feel your pain. I've spent many hours talking to techs in India (I won't rant about that). They were able to finally get rid of some malware, trojan or whatever, that was making my life miserable.

    Congrats on the kitty. I can't help but laugh about your house adventure that is turning into quite the hobby farm. I bet you rescue a dependable dog next. You can't have a place like this without a good ole dog.

  3. The same happened to me, I've learned that the techs don't know any more than I do. They read it step by step. After hours on the phone one told me that if I had done as he said (which I did) it would be working. He was yelling and told me I would have to take my new computer in for service. I was crying by that time. So he hung up on me. I call my son who thought something was major wrong with me, he ran to my house. He sat down, closed what was opened, reset my modem and said there you go. So I learned to reset my modem and not talk to a tech.

    Just love your yard design and the new kitty

  4. Louis the II? :)

  5. It is incredibly difficult when something happens! I have no patience when someone tells me in so many words that I am just a dummy...I would rather just have them come out and call me a Do Do in plain words! I feel your pain Sandi! and Donna? I can't understand the accents and it frustrates me beyond belief! LOL! As I write, Louis II has crawled up my overall pant leg and is sleeping somewhere around the buttons on the side...He is so precious and has enriched my life so much the last couple of days! Barb, I have an affinity for orange tabby cats...I bet your Buster was wonderful! My first Louis was my best bud for a very long time..thank you for your support, I am glad you liked the year it should be waaaay better!

  6. Hey Lisa! We had that same Internet issue for awhile and we called and told them that we were not going to pay a full bill amount for a month when we only got 50% of service from them and they prorated the bill because it WAS THEIR LINES coming into our house. We went through two months of this and then they sent a crew out to replace the lines - haven't had a problem since.


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