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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The rest of the living room...

This is the South wall in the living was my first and only attempt at putty...I thought, in all my infinite wisdom...that I would just putty those holes from the tacks and nails...this is two hours worth of filling...NOT HAPPENING...if I would have continued? I would still be standing at this wall filling holes....

There were too in my newly acquired attitude of  "this is for the birds"...I primered over those holes...hmmm...paint fills them better than putty and I don't have to sand...don't know if anyone has ever used Kilz paint? Well, it is some thick stuff! Not my first choice in paint but where I live? It is the only choice...I did end up using caulk for the knot holes  and some of the big sanding, just wipe off what you don't want with a damp rag...oh...and my wonderous ability with a caulking gun? I had more on my head than the wall...took awhile to figure out how to stop that endless stream of caulk coming out of the gun...sometimes? I am waaay short of brilliant!

This room took forever...I was really very tired of this room...I didn't have as much loathing of the basement as I did for that BLUE PAPER!

The floor in this room had some real was mildewed and buckled...instead of ripping it out we thought we would try heat first and see if it would "relax" to normal...a testament to how durable these floors are? An 8 inch tall bubble 6ft long did relax and went back to normal! And of course, the "Super Clean" treatment got rid of the motor oil and mildew...then 3 scrubbings with Ammonia....

took the rest of the finish and the hundreds of coats of paste wax out of the cracks and off the wood....

You can see the long line of mildew to the left...
I don't know if anyone has priced wood floor refinishing? Wow...$5800.00 big ones to have these professionally refinished...hmmmm...not happening for this chickee! So I got on the net and asked around...they didn't always have Varathane...what did Granny use?  No one seemed to know...there was information about using lye to scrub and paste wax to make it shiny but nothing about old floor finishes...I believe Shellac was used at one time and that is probably what was on these floors along with a few coats of wax for protection...but it had long since warn off...well the wax was still there in the cracks but the only finish I had was good old fashioned dirt! Your feet would literally turn black if you walked on this floor...

I lucked out one day and found an ingenuous woman who was in the same dilemma as I was...she had experimented with several things and found one that suited her and worked well...she had put a coat of plain mineral oil all over her floor, let it soak in and then did it again...following that with 4 coats of paste wax...WOW...her pictures? Made it good enough for me! Couldn't floors were bare wood with nothing to lose...the floor "finish" costs me a total of 14 bottle of 1.49 mineral oil and a tub of past wax did the entire floor. As it took place...the difference amazed me..they looked like brand new!

the floors testing the mineral oil...

Where the bubble was had deep black spots in it that no amount of scrubbing was going to get out, I tried bleach...lightened the a small amount...but nothing like I I went and bought a small can of stain and mixed it with the mineral covered it all!..When the last coat of paste wax was on? I buffed the heck out of it all...and spent the next day and a half skidding across it in my stocking black socks! Just shiny pretty floor...
I will get pictures of the finished floor soon...I don't have any as yet and have not ventured to the store to buy batteries for my camera!
My neighbor knocked on the door at this point...he walked into my living room and said "WOW" you put new windows in, it's so bright in here!"  " just fixed the ones that were here"..."I didn't even know that big window was in here! I have never seen it before and I have lived next door for six years!"



After Day LIGHT!
After...Night time with only one lamp...
Sure made me feel better about the room! This is what it looks like to date but all the corners are stuffed with odds and is still very much a storage room as all my coming winter projects are in here...

This winter my future plans are to cover the furniture with white slip book shelves( I have the most beautiful window to use as a door!) and paint the china cabinet...I have found dishes that were made right here...someone's kids were cleaning out Mom's house and were taking them to the addition, I have been collecting pictures, making art and planning a rug...I also have a brand new set of french doors to put in the South wall and a full glass door to replace that horrible front door that is there. It is not original and the "window" is plexiglas!

I was in a quandary about the door in this room leading to the was so beautiful...and charming but it really served no purpose and took up space...I took the paint off of it and the original finish is in beautiful, I will let you all decide...keep it? or OUT?

This winter, as I finish things for this room, I will post new pic's...I picked up an Ethan Allen sofa for $20.00. It is fantastic shape and is super comfortable...I think white slipcovers will complete the cottage look? What do you think?


  1. I just had a horrible thought. You are going to finish this place.... Man, you better come up with lots of stuff to putter around with after that 'cause we will still be here to read it! LOL.
    Just a thought on the beautiful door. I'm inclined to say keep it there and leave it open. During the really cold days in winter sometimes its nice to be able to shut a door and conserve some of the heating. It really has some nice lines, too.
    Fabulous floors!

  2. Oooh Donna! with all the stuff I have to do (of course it is all in my head) I won't be finished for the next 5 years! LOL! If you guys can tolerate me that long! I am glad you said keep the door...I have wishy washed back and forth numerous times. It does go back to the wall behind it, it didn't before because of the floors, but it is a purdy door! You are right about the heat!

  3. Oh yes! the addition of paint color has made this room even brighter and happier. The floors look great! I never had wood floors before, but do remember applying the Indian paste wax to my mother-in-law's and that is loads of work. I also like the door if you can arrange furniture around it.
    Really funny that the neighbor never saw the window before.
    You should be very proud of this room!
    Guess I used the wrong paint for sure, because it is not filling the nail holes. LOL

  4. Thank you! are you having issues with holes too? Wow...who knew the worst thing about this house would be the nail holes and BLUE PAPER! LOL! I wish I could get better pictures, it is very hard to capture this room...they just don't do it justice. You guys have made me so excited to put it together! The paste wax was hard work...I had Tendonitis in my elbows for weeks afterward where my whole hands would go numb...but it has maintained for a few months with just light dusting. I won't let anyone wear their shoes in anymore...not because of the floors but they always visit the chickens first!EWWWW! so maybe they will last a long time! When I get batteries I will take pictures of what they look like after everything was done to them...they still look old but I just love the look and the CLEAN!

  5. Lisa,
    Sorry I did not sign my last post at 216:pm.

  6. Ah Sandi, I had a feeling it was you! I just didn't want to take it for granted! I wish you guys could come over for lunch and coffee and help me arrange this living room!

  7. Now that would be fun, arrangement parties!
    I just finished my first large knot hole filled with the caulk. Looks pretty good. So thanks for the help.

  8. You are so welcome! One step closer to a picture! Yaaay!hee hee

  9. What about taking the door off, but saving it to use for another project? I've seen old door headboards, tables, benches, shelves... ect...

  10. Wow, I can't believe the wonderful job you are doing. I've been following you since you started, but just now figured out how to post. Can't wait to see more.

  11. Hi MJ! I am so glad you are here! I know posting comments has become a major issue on this blog! I am so happy you tried again!

  12. Leah, I have seen many a fantastic project for old doors too! I have one vote to keep and one to go! Maybe that will be the deciding factor down the road? What I can come up with to make!


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