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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Three R's...wall art...

Repurposing, Reusing and Recycling have become my mantra....not only is it incredibly exciting to hunt for treasure but it is very satisfying as the end result is usually a long lasting, QUALITY product...They just don't make things like they used to...this is a throw away society and people can just go get a new one of what ever they want...

Vintage everything has gone thru the roof, antique furniture and collectibles, classic cars as well as anything from the "olden days"....well, in my kitchen, we all know Lisa LOOOOVES vintage!  Wall art has been on my mind and I scouted the internet as well as piles of "garbage" people have thrown out...I picked the colors for the, white and black...what to hang on the wall then? I had a hard time with picture grouping capabilities are not at all up to par...I did plates in the bathroom...but for my kitchen I wanted something different...but I wasn't going to spend a lot of money..and it was hard finding something to match! My treasure hunts were yielding nothing...repurposing, recycling or reusing wall art was not happening...

I finally went to the dollar store and purchased 3 more frames just like the one's I had attached to the hoosier doors... $ picture hanging kit complete with hooks, wire and tiny screw eyes...$ can of black spray paint...96cents... and a package of card stock from Walmart...$4.97 for 500 sheets...and then I scouted the web...grand total of $10.00 limit for siting something as inexpensive...

This is what I came  up with...

Vintage Ephemera is plentiful on the is available for download all over the place! I hurriedly put these together and took no time sizing them correctly or putting borders around them...I downloaded Photoscape as a free photo editing option...when I have more time? I will make them look terrific!  The neighbor that gave me the plants says she has a famous chef friend with the same pictures in his kitchen!  They go well in my tiny space and they echo my was important to me that they didn't overwhelm the wall or block any of the space to walk as sometimes picture frames hung this low catch on you when you walk by...
Eventually, I am going to print them on canvas so they look like is incredibly easy to do if you have an ink jet printer...and this little beauty?
I am definitely printing on canvas...she has to go in my bathroom!


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Your creative use of technology is amazing. While looking at all the pics, I noticed furniture in the living room. Is it completed yet and is that subject going to be an upcoming post??? Keep up the great work.

  2. If you would like the living room, the living room it will be! lol! I do have some furniture in there but a lot of storage items too but I will get it on here quickly!

  3. I adore vintage posters and adverts! These look great.. especially in a red, white, and black kitchen. How classic.

    I saw in an earlier post too that you have the original sink in your kitchen. I have to tell you how much I loooove that sink! What a great find.... which seems to be the theme of your whole blog!

  4. It is the theme, lol! I have a double washboard one in the cabin, if you want it!


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