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Friday, August 6, 2010

The gift of neighbors...

Hi All...I just had to share with you what my neighbor does...she makes it look effortless...The other day she came over with a beautifully wrapped package. Inside were these...
A housewarming gift! A towel, potholder and wash cloth to match my kitchen!  The potholder is really thick, she crocheted over the top of quilting because I told her how hot my oven gets!

She also makes these:

She knits and crochets her own appliques to put on them...some have pom pom's on the top! I just couldn't resist buying some for my grand kids and she is making me mittens and scarves to match! 10 bucks a set! Can you believe that? This will be the first time in the history of Lisa Time that I have EVER had my Christmas shopping even remotely done by Christmas Eve!

Considering that this is the "hat" I made for her daughter? I think I got the better end of the stick!

She was so fascinated with the duck feathers she was finding in the yard! She just could not contain her excitement when I told her we could make her a "Pocahantas Hat" and she could be Pocahontas for the day...She never took it off, not once in the course of six hours...

I was so touched by my neighbors generosity and her kindness! To have a one of a kind, made for me and my kitchen gift was heart warming. Bread baking here I come!

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