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Friday, August 27, 2010

The living room...

I have had a busy day! I am going out of town tomorrow to deliver Tristan to his new home! I am so excited for him as he will have 3 acres of fenced yard to roam around on instead of being confined in the tiny space he has at my house!  I will be back late tomorrow night and try to get the rest of it on here on Sunday...Thank you for being so patient with me!


  1. He is so beautiful! and sweet! If I had the right home for him and could have done him justice, I would have loved to keep him but he is now on a huge piece of property with full time at home people that just love dogs. It was a wonderful day. Well, minus missing the lil bugger! Some lady beat him senseless and I just couldn't let her keep him so I kept him til he could go to a great home. I was so proud of him today, we have been working with him and he is so smart...he just showed all his best manners today and did every command perfectly.
    They were so impressed with him...and those eyes? They fell in love!


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