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Monday, August 9, 2010

This last weekend...

HELLO!  I have been gone all weekend and I bet you all were wondering where the heck I was? Well, I am back! I am, was...trying to find a home for a puppy I brought home...the folks that had him were terribly mean to him...I mean hang him out the window by the scruff of the neck and shake the daylights out of him(because he vomited), stuff him in a cat carrier (25 pound puppy) mean to him. Sooo...I have hooked up with a Husky Society to find a home for this beautiful dog...He needs a fenced yard and someone with lots of energy...huskies are diggers, and roamers and escape artists.  They need a special home...I do not have any of these things but, it seems, there are lot's of really good dog owners out there that love their sweet dispositions and affectionate natures...I love him too, but my home is so under construction that I do not have a yard capable of containing him full grown and I have birds, although, he has done an amazing job ignoring them!  I will be back posting today on our blog about this hut! See you all soon!


  1. I'm going to keep reading your posts (Started "AT the beginning) and I truly hope to read you found this beautiful dog a home.

  2. OH YES! The best home on Earth! I collaborated with a husky rescue operation in Southern Michigan...he now lives on an historic Dairy Farm with 140 acres to run as he was bred to do! His Mama loves him to pieces, spoils him wrotten...sends me pictures once a month and he is a well loved member of a family!


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