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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Storm...

Hi all! I have been cleaning up after a huge storm we had here....flooded my garden, duck pen and made an enormous mess! Will continue with the bathroom post tomorrow...Hope you all have a great week! Lisa


  1. Lisa:
    Sorry to hear about the storm damage. I have lived in this area my whole life. They predicted severe weather this summer and we have sure had it. I never remember as many thunder storms as we have had this summer.

  2. This one scared me out of the bed! and then I sat for 2 hours worrying about my garden...I am glad for the rain as the drought has been severe with fire warnings but couldn't Mother Nature spread it out just a little? lol!

  3. Glad Ducks swim! Sorry to hear about your garden. I hope you were able to save some of your plants.

  4. I am glad ducks swim too! lol, it was just strange seeing them swimming around the tomato plants! but everything just popped back up like nothing happened except it is all 6ft tall now!


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