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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Higgledy Piggledy...

I moved the shed off of my house...underneath that shed was this beautiful black dirt...I raked it flat and almost threw grass seed on it...future plans include a patio there with a barbecue and a small summer kitchen...I eyed that dirt for 4 hours...and went back and forth with myself...hmmmm....why waste a weed free patch of dirt by throwing grass seed  down? I went and dug in my box of seeds, picked some out...the ones I really wanted but had not gotten to make a bed for this year were watermelon and corn...I made little rows and poked my finger every few inches and planted POPCORN! and Crimson Sweet Watermelon...small plants popped outta that dirt in 3 days! The only problem was that the dogs would not stay out! They trampled my tiny corn and peeped on my watermelons! AAAAH! 

This is where you know you have an incredible man....I was just devastated at the loss of a couple of squished corn after lamenting to my Honey...I went to make dinner...he was busy unloading bundles of kindling that a neighbor had brought us...or so I thought...

When I came out, that ingenuous, wonderful, love of my life was pounding kindling sticks into the dirt...around my corn and melons..."it's kind of higgledy piggledy babe...but it should work for now til I find something better." he said...
Something better? I LOVED IT!  what an amazing idea! and it is so sturdy you can sit on it! no nails, no string, nothing holding it together but it's own self!  My popcorn and melons have all but busted out of that little fence...the melons are climbing up the side of the house as I write! I pick them off the siding daily and intertwine them around the pickets...and "higgledy piggledy"? how could you not love something named higgledy piggledy? or SOMEONE that would call it so?

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